The Balinese Nyepi Festival ( Day Of Silence)

I got to experience Bali’s Nyepi festival (also known as the day of silence) on 17 March. Frankly, in the days leading up to this significant observance for Hindu’s in Bali, I didn't know why signs kept shooting up about it, and wondered if it was some kind of carnival or festival. It was not [...]


I find it surprising when people think Africa is a country and most times I find it annoying when asked this questions that my reply comes of as rude. I am like, Africa is a  continent with 52 countries  and Ghana is a country in Africa, it's just like saying the whole of south-east Asia [...]


Coming to the Philippines my initial fear or my constant fear of going to any country for that matter is being discriminated against or disrespected due to my racial group which of course is like a worry for any cautious black person who travels. Though there are less black people here which I have seen [...]


I remember most times staring at myself in the mirror and not happy at the reflection staring back at me. The stretch marks, the side rolls the kinky African hair the size 8 full-figured body, the huge thighs that rub together and being disgusted at myself simply because the media and society have a standard [...]


Being an African girl and not really into hair extensions and I am constantly rocking my natural hair either in a high puff after twist out. Actually its my signature look and i love it. Most times i constantly watch YouTube videos the whole day to come up with different hairstyles for my hair and [...]