As continued from the part one. If you haven't read yet. You could find it here..... I booked my train ticket at the convenience store and headed to the train station bidding goodbye to my new-found friends at the hostel. My plan was to head straight to Bawuwangi Baru where the Ijen carter volcano was but [...]

Getting to Bali off the beaten Path (1)

Indonesia is known for is it tropical island Bali. When it popped up in my south-east Asia itinerary, i looked forward to seeing this famous island with its paradise images . Being a wanderer I wanted to get there off the beaten path by traveling through Java, the locals way . I flew in from [...]

The Balinese Nyepi Festival ( Day Of Silence)

I got to experience Bali’s Nyepi festival (also known as the day of silence) on 17 March. Frankly, in the days leading up to this significant observance for Hindu’s in Bali, I didn't know why signs kept shooting up about it, and wondered if it was some kind of carnival or festival. It was not [...]