Yeah right. I know what you thinking. Possibly you might be wondering how a grown up adventurous lady like me can’t swim. Hell kids know how to now. Well thing is I just don’t know to swim. I wasn’t taught, I never had the opportunity to  learn and yes its coming in my way of having fun. Just look at the picture of me below drowning whilst my friend thinks it will be fun if she takes a picture before jumping in to save me. An expensive joke it was.

I Almost Died

You will probably be wondering what is she doing in the 6 ft pool if she doesn’t  know how to swim? In my defense, I can only blame it on my silly side or maybe I  was trying to be bold but hey I almost drowned and that’s no play…lol Funny thing is I don’t even remember what got me in the pool in the first place. Really was I out of my mind or I was just playing a gambling game with life or just maybe I was being a little delusional that I could swim?

My friend who couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that I can’t swim stared me straight in the eye and asked; Jo you really can’t swim? and I was like yeah shamefully straining my eye to see as my glasses was at the bottom of the pool. Thinking of it ,I realized how much it was a big deal as it is  pathetic that at twenty something I couldn’t swim.

Was it my fault that I didn’t know how? Or was it my fault I grew up in a place where it was seen at waste of time? That, I better call my  mom and tell her how my inability to swim is getting in my way and how she should at least enroll my siblings,in a swimming course if there is even any over there and I know she will still say its a waste of time yet  again.

First of ,I grew up in a tiny west African country where things like giving a child swimming lessons were considered for the rich and seen as luxurious. I never for once got the chance to swim and neither did I see any of the neighbor kids do it. As a matter of  fact we were content with it as it was seen as unnecessary.

Well traveling has taught me that things back home we see as unnecessary is really necessary. One of such is my inability to ride a bicycle. The neighborhood I grew up in there was only one boy who had a bicycle .A rusty old ridden down bike which you have to pay a bribe to use it. There were like twenty of us kids living in that block who took turns with this bicycle. Mine,your ass barely touch the seat and little Oliver wants you off  cause the next kid gave him a candy bigger than yours.

That wasn’t as exhausting as how you have to suck up to Oliver in other to let you have a ride on his bicycle. Oh and how I remember them saying a girl isn’t supposed to ride a bicycle so I had to hide it from mom. Alas I never learnt how to peddle as other kids will yell ‘YOUR MOTHER IS COMING THIS WAY!!’ just to get me off. They always get me as I jump off swiftly scared mum might catch in the act and I will be punished for disobeying her . Mean kids they were…..but those are really good memories that make me smile.

Yeah I grew up in a third world country and we didn’t have such privileges. No I am not complaining but I just wish I knew how to ride a bicycle or swim. I would have rent a bicycle and ride on the streets of Bali in the morning with the wind on my face and the sun on my back as the Irish prayer states. It will be quiet an exploration. I would learn snorkeling and diving if I knew how to swim. But it’s not too late now, is it?

Thinking about those cool stuff that I can’t do make me realize how much I lacked in so things growing up and how much things are different out here than how it was back home.  In our dusty street neighborhood in Accra Ghana  we created our own games, played with rubber and straw dolls and were content…we didn’t even know what barbie dolls were. I did have an amazing childhood memories and I wouldn’t change  it for a thing if  I am to choose between but seven hells I really wish I knew how to swim. Can I blamed? I am in a tropical island with beaches and villas with pools.

I guess we don’t always know everything but rather we learn along the way. It’s just a bummer to sit around the pool and not venture into it cause I might drown ….

Is there any activity you cant do? What are you good at? Let me know in comments down below!!!

  • I can’t ski …at all. I’ve tried so many times because my husband loves it. I fall getting on the lift, getting off the lift, and all the way down the hill.

  • For me, it was not that i cannot do the basic life skills, but how late i did them. I couldn’t even tie my shoelaces or ride a bike until i was like 8 years old. I didn’t learn to drive until i was 24! Loved your post, very funnily written!

  • I’m so thankful that I learned to swim at a very young age. It’s my favorite form of exercise and is a huge stress reliever – being in or near water soothes me. You should learn…you can do it! It’s not that hard, if you just set aside your fear and set your mind to it. You got this!!

  • I can’t swim very well. In fact, up until I was 18 and had just started university, I finally asked one of my closest friends, who was a lifeguard and swim instructor at the time, if she’d be willing to give me private lessons in her backyard pool. Thankfully she did and I ended up spending a few days in a row learning and practicing. I’m able to survive in the deep end now! Haha

  • Oh goodness! That could have been so scary. We live in Arizona, and teaching your children and babies to swim is a priority since there are pools in almost every home.

  • I dont think its ever too late to learn something new, if you crave learning to swim and riding a bike, girl you do it!

  • I’m not good at swimming either, which is why I made it a point to enroll my son in swimming classes during the summer break. He now swims way better than me, haha!

  • I like this post, and to answer your question climbing in a coconut tree is one thing that I do not learn when I was a young but that’s okay with me I am just thinking that it is not really meant to be for me to learn it.

  • I can swim as in I won’t drown if I jump into the pool and swim to the side. I haven’t attempted to tread water and just hang out in the deep end in a couple decades. It won’t end well.

  • I guess we cant always do everything and learning stuff when we are older is so much harder when we are younger. I took swimming lessons as a kid so am able to swim but wonder if i hadn’t whether I would have been able to learn as an adult. Good for you for highlighting the challenges. Love all the gifs.

  • OMG! I don’t know how to swim either we’re the same. I’m ashame of myself too, I grew up in a country where there are more than 7,000 islands and I didn’t have that courage to learn how to swim. Well, I have sea sickness and I can’t support transportaion neither. I guess we should take swimming lessons together haha. Love those gifs you made my day!

    • Yeah right, you must know me so well.I did have waffles and frozen yougurt for it and even typing this now i wish i could come close to drowning again just for the waffles and yogurt.

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