Well due to my weight loss journey and with its constant recipes and beverages you have to try,I had come across countless of articles and videos alike on the internet each with its own techniques of what a weight loss pLan should be which sometimes leave you confused on which weight-loss guru you should follow. i being someone who like comparing things and picking up the best and easy one to practice pick up direct ideas from diffrent gurus to follow but one thing that all this weight loss enthusiastic and gurus agreed on was the power of the green tea, well i took that part and added it to my weight loss diet.i googled on the internet for it health benefits and was surprised at the effects it had on the human body. it enlightened me on how the  green tea  plays an essential part in a weight-loss  journey.the green tea through my online research helps elevate  metabolic rate increase  fat oxidation and improve insulin also contains anti oxidants ,anti cancer and brain healthy compounds which improves also improves physical function.

Armed with this information i set out on my green tea diet.i sticked to my regular diet but only used green tea as my water  substitute expecting to lose weight just with it. For a week i saw no changes in my body or waistline. I wanted to give up and return to my normal diet as most of this acclaimed remedies don’t always work but i realised persistance and patience resulted in victory in this weightloss journey then i decided to try it for  a week more and if i still see no changes i just stop using it and say it was just a myth like most of the weight loss remedies i have tried earlier since i started treading on this path.For the second week after taking three cups of green tea daily i experienced frequent urination and secondly  free bowel movements which i was pleased with but yet no decrease in weight.i then decided to continue using it even if not for weightloss but for it health benefits.For two months the green tea was my water and because i didnt pay attention to its part of weightloss i was suprised when a tight dress i had bought a few months back slid on easily when i saw it hanging in my closet. i took a measuring tape to measure around my stubborn hip area which never lose weight and ws suprised at the inches i had shed off substituting green tea as my water.

I regretted not taking a picture in the beginning to post here serving as a proof to this experience but have taken a picture now as i lan to continue with this green tea plan even though its a slow process and this time around substituting my brreakfast for a more healthier option and see how much i could it brings me down to the green tea really working but slowly,taking it a step at a time.So hen i wanted to know;

Do you include green tea in your diet?

Did it work for you?

Which other healthy beveragewould you recommend  I try.

Your comments, feedbacks and recommendations will be much appreciated.



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