Hi there, Nice to meet you! I am Jossy ,a writer, traveler, and a free spirit.

I  may also be known as a wanderer but I assure you, that’s  not what only this site is about.

My love for writing is what led me to start a blog initially and my curiosity to see what lies beyond the small country I

grew up in led me to be the wanderer and a writer I am today. At this stage in my life, this are the things I love doing

and always look for opportunities to enhance my writings and also to make every blog post worth your read.

On here I write about my wanderings and its experiences, I am a creative writer and most of the time I publish my amateur

works in pages I upload regularly. Sometimes I throw in a diy hack I tried or might go a bit personal  and take a dive

into my life by going down memory lane or present happenings.

I love adventures and would describe myself as an upcoming adrenaline junkie and a girl who has finally found her identity in this world.

At any day you may find me in a country far away from the continent I grew up in, making friends, experiencing new cultures , trying new cuisines, hating some part of it and loving it all as well as

writing about them as it’s what I love to do and believe the best memories are within the pages of a passport.

Wanna join me on my next backpacking adventure? or you want to shoot me a personal email? or maybe you are seeking a freelance writer?

Dont hesitate to contact me here on my email admin@jossynana.com