6 Reasons To Love Bali – Indonesia

So its been a while since I posted up here after my new year resolutions post. As I had said in that list, there are many things I want to achieve this year and I have been able to achieve two of them so far….. well lets say two for now and hopefully the rest as the year progresses.

I have been able to move my blog site from WordPress to being self hosted and I am still learning the tweaks about it. Since January I have traveled through Indonesia from its capital to its tropical island Bali which there is a post of it coming on here up soon. Since then,I have been to Philippines twice and Bali twice and I think I have fallen in love with this famous tropical island.

Each day I get to discover a new part of it and as always , I wanted to share with you guys the reasons to love this place beyond it been the paradise that it is.

1. Ethic Diversity
This point really is the most reason why I ended up coming here twice in a row and intend to come back more. There is an amazing ethnic blend in Bali that, you will easily fit in. In Bali everyone is just like anyone , you don’t get stared at which really it’s comforting to me as traveling through Asia had most times made me the object of attention but in Bali I am just like any other person. You could fit right in and people would not even notice that you got a different skin color or different hair or weird-looking. As a matter of fact this island is a major holiday destination and different diversity of people troop in so basically you will never be the first of any race to visit.. except of-course you are an alien…take my word on that especially coming from a kinky haired black-skinned African girl like me.

2. Weather
Must I talk about this! Bali has one of the most beautiful weathers I have ever seen. A tropical island with the right dose of sunshine in the day and the perfect amount of humidity at night. isn’t it just nice for a weather to know when it’s supposed to be hot and when it’s supposed to be cool? I find it beautiful and its one of my many reasons why I have fallen in love with this place.

Photo by Alec Bennett on Unsplash


3. New Things To Discover
Despite Bali being a small island, well it not really that small. There is always new things to discover each day, from its beautiful nature to new things being opened up and built each day. There is always enough to keep you occupied. Looking at it,I have only been to three places here and there is still more to see, from Ubud to kota, Seminyak and yet there is  Jimbaran and a whole lots of places t see. Talk of the beach view bars and restaurants been opened up almost every time. You just gotta love it.

4. Budget For Every Pocket
Being a budget traveler , this really an important topic for me. Most people see Bali as a rich tourist destination and luxurious which really it is but it is a place to have a budget travel and live comfortably. At just about 10$ you could get a big home stay or a hotel with all amenities and still enjoy the island like a boss chick. There are restaurants around where the budget traveler could have a meal for just about 5$ and still eat and take those beautiful instagram worthy pics. There are those bars where you could get a drink for little as 3$ and still get to have a feel of a beach front and enjoy a wi-fi as long as you intend to sit there. Yeah doesn’t that sound amazing… oh and those coffee shops, always a place to meet fellow travelers.

View from coffee shop…shot by my iPhone


5. Balinese Cuisine
The Indonesian food is one of the best cuisines . There is always a flavour to discover ,a new food to taste and damn if you love them, you will be really spending little on food as it costs less.. from he nasi gorengs to the nasi puti,…. I am just getting the words right after lots of practice. It isn’t surprising most tourist take cooking classes when the visit the island. The Indonesian food is something anyone should try when they visit …take it from a picky eater who cringes her nose at foods she doesn’t know,,, but now I just gulp down and crave at the thought of the  amazing varieties of the food out here.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

6. Beautiful Sunsets.

Sunsets in Bali ,are are the most beautiful work of art i have ever seen. Its just breathtaking beautiful that it has become my routine of not missing it and i just love capturing it, even though i am not a photography pro, i always get beautiful shots. Sunsets in Bali, isnt  something not to be missed.

Sunset at Sanur beach..shot by my I pho

Though there are many reasons to love this place, I guess this are the five things a wanderer like Jo was able to comply and show you guys. Believe me there are many other reasons to love Bali like the beaches and the variety of English speaking locals, the ambiance among other things which really should make Bali your next tourist destination.
I will keep you guys updated on my little budget travelling in Bali and until then Selamat Pagi ….only word i have learnt so far.. lol

What is your favorite travel destination? have you ever been to Bali? What did you love about it?

Let me know in comments down below.

28 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Love Bali – Indonesia

  1. I have been to Bali few years back and the one thing I remembered most is the monkeys in the forest. These little creatures are so playful and stole my glasses away and bite it and broke it. I had a great laugh and traveling Bali half blind since my glasses was broken. But, I still enjoy everything you have mentioned above, the sunset was breathtaking, the weather was awesome! And not forgetting the Balinese cuisine, that is one of the best part to enjoy Bali!


    1. Those monkeys are really fun to watch except when they get mad at you. I had to strap my glasses with cords in other not to be snatched based on the advice of a friend, i would have walked home half blind too…lol


  2. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments from my friends who have had the chance to visit Indonesia. I wanna go there soon!


  3. Congrats On becoming self hosted! At some point this year, I’m going to do this as well. Bali has always been in my bucket list. Many of my friends have gone and loved it!


    1. I couldn’t be any happier with being self hosted.. its like an achievement i am so proud of right there. You should visit Bali.. i would love to read your view on it. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Thanks for sharing! I was reading #1 and was wondering “is this the case for black folks like me?” and then you said you were a black girl like me, lol! That’s very helpful information for me since I’m an aspiring traveler.


    1. I understand the’ is it the case for black folks like me’ line. I have been there most times when i want to visit a destination. Most times i just throw caution to the wind and just venture. Bali is one of the most multicultural places i have visited …..take it from this black girl here….lol


  5. I really agree with the first two bullets you mentioned. Bali is such a magnet for everything that you’d never have any problems fitting in or talking to someone, nevermind the usual language barrier because that’s not exactly a problem. And the weather is always nice no matter what, perfect for…you guessed it, travelling and shopping!


    1. Indonesia as a tourist destination has a lot to offer. From the java area straight to Bali, then there is the Lombok and Gili islands. You should visit… i bet you will love it.


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