Yeah I know, I am late but hey why should i be on time like everyone when it’s not even a competition, well for me it took time to really list down all my plans as actually i am planning to achieve them all and not list them down  for listing sake .It took me ten days after new year to know my plans, which is really funny as i  am always the weird and different one.


So here it goes, my five major plans for this year.



When I started my travels last year October, it never crossed my mind that I will turn into a backpacker. My reason for traveling was just building on myself like a form of therapy and to be far from home as much as possible till i get the courage to face the problems that lurk in its shadows. After visiting two countries i must say i have been bitten by the travel bug and want to be a full-time backpacker that is ,not travelling with my 24′ suitcase  like i am going on vacation but a  backpack with little clothes , my laptop, my plan , my new-found confidence and my notorious green passport and of course sleeping in budget hostels.


Stepping into this year I have gained this kind of confidence and discovered this adventurous side of me i never knew existed which makes me want to explore. Yeah i know it might be difficult along the way being a solo traveler and yeah i do know my passport will raise eyebrows at various immigration checkpoints but really that is what makes it adventurous. The me of 2017 will not want to take out this challenge but the 2018 me is calm and collected on this. I am going to ask people to take pictures of me and i am going to eat weird foods i haven’t tried and i am going to document about it; every failure and achievement along this journey i am embarking on this  brand new year with a chance to enjoy my youth.

giphy (1)



I can’t count the number of times I have planned on doing this but it always doesn’t turn out as I have planned and it always my fault, as i never had the confidence to go to places and write about it. As it’s already known new years gives as clean slates to do the things we couldn’t do the previous year and blogging about my travels is one of them which i am changing . How will a travel be fun if you don’t let others how awesome it is and what it entails. I am going to create a category on my blog page with travel and write everything from the flights to the foods to the hostels to the adventures. I know i may be amateur in travel blogging  but all the professionals were once amateurs.giphy (15)


I have always used blogging as a diary and writing on impulse even though I do have schedules to follow but I don’t, stuborn me. I have watched how inconsistency can make you irrelevant in this our internet word. Being consistent in the blogging platform i have chosen to join is what will make me successful so starting this year i intend to be more consistent and write as much to stay relevant and let my followers know i am still alive and want to make it in the blogging world.giphy (2).gif


I moved my site to self hosted for about a month somewhere in September with a hosting platform which was really complicated for me to understand. I knew it was a right move to go to a self hosting but my probe into it got me really confused on things. I lost my followers on WordPress and had to start another WordPress whilst my old WordPress account was just there.I have realized what I did wrong and have come to understand that self hosting always pushes a blog forward so one of  my plans for this new year is to move to a self hosting site in other to use the themes and all the plugins to make this a professional and awesome blog i envision a wolf’s diary being.

giphy (6).gif


I have always been the introvert girl and most times I have come to brand myself as the queen of introverts. I think it somehow contributed to my low self-esteem but what I have learnt about myself in this few months of being far away from home is that no good comes from having a low self-esteem and it is  indeed a state of mind.I have grown to be more outspoken and more out there and not give a care about  who is staring at me or who i think is giggling at me. I have learnt to return smiles with smiles and frowns with and i have learnt to just see the world as a place to explore and a place to learn about new things. I am not completely extroverted now but i think it’s a step in it self to have this frame of mind to work on myself. This year i am not going to be the bore who hide in rooms and eat ice creams and watch movies all day or the girl who read novels at parties instead of socializing. I am going to get to know people and i hope by the end of this year i would have gone a long way on myself.giphy (3).gif

So this are my five major plans for this year. I know it’s not much but really this list is really important to me and I intend to achieve them all.

Though its late to ask,what are your new year plans?   do you plan on travelling? Are you a late planner like me? I want to know in comments down below.

Until then I am out…learning the basis of being a backpacker.

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39 thoughts on “MY NEW YEAR PLANS

  1. WOW! Sounds awesome! Being consistent on social media is tough when you are out there living life. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to be inconsistent online while you soak up all this world has to offer!

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  2. Happy new year – also late, hehe. I think its good you took proper time to really think about what you want to achieve this year. Writing a list and giving it good thought is better than quickly writing out a whole lot just for the sake of it and never achieving it. I am sure you will nail all the things you want to do this year and I am sure you will have many amazing backpackin’ travels!

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  3. I love your new year plans and mine is exercising and eating healthy. I plan to cross off a few activities from my bucket list while I’m at it. Enjoy your travels, sista and keep us updated.

    PS- Hey, I love the giphs on your blog plus I do have a passport too and its kind of weird the way it’s viewed with suspicion- think it has something to do with the color green?😎😎😎😀😀😀

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  4. These are some really great plans for your 2018! I am definitely on board about writing more about traveling as well as traveling more. I also want to stay on top of everything more as well, there just so much to do!

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