I find it surprising when people think Africa is a country and most times I find it annoying when asked this questions that my reply comes of as rude. I am like, Africa is a  continent with 52 countries  and Ghana is a country in Africa, it’s just like saying the whole of south-east Asia is a country and countries like Indonesia and Philippines are cities.

giphy (25)
I am so over it

Well as a matter of fact I am so over this questions. There are instances  when I get so pissed I reply, boo didn’t you do geography in school or your WiFi is limited to Facebook and Instagram?, And they reply I am rude …well of course i know it sounds rude but hey i am unapologetic about it. giphy (3)

It shocks me how in this day and age when everything is on the internet but most people appear shallow minded. I most times get so pissed of explaining that I just say yeah Africa its a country. I have gotten used to being asked those questions that when someone asks where I am from, i just say Africa. Whilst some people are content with it, others who appear to be learned will then ask which country in Africa, then i smile and know, i can actually have a conversation with this one, cause basically who wants to keep explaining themselves over things which are easy to come across on the internet when you really what to know. Well i don’t…

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hair flip

Then there are those ridiculous questions of is it safe there? I am like is it safe in your country? my country is like any country which has its fair share of robberies now and then and there are always the bad nuts in every country  so why does it make my country incredible dangerous than yours which even have serial killers? And they are like no offence but you know its Africa and I am like what is wrong with Africa and then they are like you  know, you know ,and i am likegiphy (44).gif

but I never get an answer. I feel like africa has been branded in a lot of bad light that people feel like is the worse place on earth that cause them to ask silly questions not thinking about who calls there home.I just think people should research before asking silly questions as I get asked a lot of this silly questions. On which i get asked recently is, how did you learn to speak good English since you come from Africa? i am like what did i just hear? you really had to go there?giphy (45).gif

It doesn’t surprise me really as people think we don’t have educational systems and we still live in jungles and mud houses and speak some strange African language that speaking english was impossible. I don’t want to answer such questions particularly but I will say, go to Ghana and strike a conversation in english with someone and you will be surprised they speak fluent english. For christ sake we were colonised by the british and we use their curriculum which made english compulsory for every Ghanaian student.  We dont walk around in some plantain leaves and rear lions. We are civilised.giphy (47).gif

The African continent have been painted so black that most people think that everyone from African is either a bad person or swallow minded.Well really I think people should read and stop asking silly questions and making weird assumptions.giphy (48).gif

Damn I am so pissed……….giphy (49).gif

I don’t blame this people sometimes as the pictures people know of Africa is poverty,hunger and the bad parts never the good parts which is really truly sad. I wish the world will see Africa in a different light. As the continent which has been under colonisation and trying to build up its countries to meet the world platform among the corruption it experences.Till then is hope for Africa for every African wo can relate.giphy (50).gif

What assumption have you made about Africa? Have you been asked weird question about Africa? Let me know in comments down below.

Until then I am out cooling off……lol


    1. you damn sure right, i know people do ask Nigerians silly questions, it can be so depressing how people think of you based on where you come from.


  1. I teach a study abroad course to South Africa and get crazy questions all the time about South Africa and Africa in general. I like the technique you have developed to quickly gage if a person is really interested in knowing more or just being polite.

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  2. LOL, I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked if lions and elephants roam the streets or if I’ve met their distant relative that stays in Nigeria. I mean come on, it’s a 6 hour flight from South Africa to Nigeria and the only times we see lions and elephants is if we go to a nature reserve. UGH it drives me up the wall

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    1. People do ask that sometimes if animals roam the streets as if we dont have law and order and its a well i guess we just have to remain our calm cause there are always going to be the other guys who ask weird questions


  3. I totally understand your frustration and I’m kind of shocked at the ridiculous things that people have said to you! On one hand, I want to encourage you to do your part to educate people about Africa but on the other hand, it’s not your job to make up for the fact that people are clueless. And let’s be honest, this is probably us Americans saying this stuff to you! I have to apologize on behalf of my own country, I think we are really lacking in educating our students about the rest of the world because we’re one heck of an elitest country. I love my country but we are!

    Anyway, I have met people from Ghana and every one of them was a sweetheart! I like asking about culture there because I am extremely interested in all of the good stuff like what’s a common dish made there and what’s a regular day look like. None of that is for anything other than I love learning about other places!

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    1. I am really excited to read your comment looking at the length and time you used to reply. this is great and i hope you do visit Africa someday and you can ask me all the questions you want i would be more than willing to let you know…xoxox


  4. I definitely can understand your frustration when being asked “silly” questions about Africa. I definitely don’t think some people think before they ask, as they can just look some stuff up on google. I’ve been asked a ton of silly questions about the USA but when you have never been there you truly don’t know.

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  5. I think it’s so silly that people ask these questions. Just looking at photos of Africa, you can see that it’s a beautiful place with rich culture, vibrant people, and a flourishing economy. It’s actually on the top of my travel bucket list. 🙂

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  6. I agree that so many people see Africa as the dark continent. I have never been to Africa but I believe it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the ignorance comes from Black Americans. It has been a dream of mine to visit South Africa and Ghana. I have several friends who have visited several countries in Africa and have completely falling in love. I have one girlfriend that can’t get enough of Kenya. I’m sorry you get asked weird questions but I am happy to see you have so much honor and love for your country and continent.

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  7. When I was a kid, I’ve always pictured Africa as one big jungle, with rain forests and wild animals and all. Of course that all changed as I grew older. 🙂 I’ve recently developed an interest in Ghana because of Sam Okyere, who’s quite popular in Korean TV shows. 🙂

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  8. This world is such a big place! I’m so grateful that there are people like you who are willing to share their experiences in those places! Sorry there are so many ignorant people who can’t be bothered to really care.

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  9. I agree there are two sides to every country. I relate to most of these same questions for my Latin heritage in the Dominican Republic, It gets annoying and old really quickly

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  10. I agree, I think there must be a ton of misconceptions, just like there are TONS of misconceptions about Asia, too. LOL, it’s really funny what people sometimes think! Many of my really good/best friends are from various places in Africa, so I’ve learned a lot about it from them. I would absolutely be thrilled to visit.

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