Coming to the Philippines my initial fear or my constant fear of going to any country for that matter is being discriminated against or disrespected due to my racial group which of course is like a worry for any cautious black person who travels. Though there are less black people here which I have seen like three since I got here, I haven’t  being discrimination in any way or feel disrespected or mistreated due to my racial background.

giphy (36)
I am like that is so great

Philippines its  an overly accepting community which is diverse with cool loving people who are willing to help and smile at you when you make eye contact. I can’t count the number of times I have been helped by locals who barely know me, it’s all simply amazing which really makes me want to stay more or call here home in the future.giphy (38).gif

Whilst there are overly good people there are also the others who will giggle at my strange kinky hair or pinch their friends to have a look at my hair  and when I notice I will be kind enough or maybe petty enough to ask them if they wanna touch it which hit them as a shock  and they smile nervously.

giphy (35)
Am like oh

There are those who are brave enough to  ask  to touch  and ask if its real but hey I don’t blame them or think of it as discrimination in any way. Most of them haven’t left their country yet and maybe I am the first black lady with a kinky hair they encountered as most of us wear hair extension which i thought of ordering online but the price and vat i have to pay sent me back taking care of my unique hair, i dare to be different and be an art exhibit for the naive ones who haven’t encountered a black girl with kinky hair ever . Hey  come to think of it, dont i deserve a medal for that or something?giphy (34).gif

One thing I am most thankful for being here is the fact that I am gradually  building my self-confidence and its here that I learnt to love myself for who i am. It’s really being a life changing experience the few weeks i have been here that maybe i might consider furthering my education here in the near future as they have low-cost of tuition for university education with recognized degrees all over the world. I have had so much fun and seen a lot and met people but really as i have confessed earlier i am not really a travel blogger to document everywhere i go which is really not my niche unless  i feel like i want to write about a particular encounter. I prefer to have my fun and keep the memories in my heart and write about those i want to share with my readers which really doesn’t make me a travel blogger which kind of sucks but the work that goes into travel blogging frankly i am not prepared for , believe me i tried but it just wasn’t for me.giphy (39).gif

My travels are basically a sort of therapy to me to rediscover myself as a person ,what I like and dislike, what I can adapt to and not . Learn more about myself and build on my personality and what I want to do with my life or the path i want to take. So far  it has been  a great encounter in this amazing country which i have learnt some things about myself and realized what i was missing which then again doesn’t make me a travel blogger but something either more than that or less than that. What I  have learnt so far is being bold and doing me and not let words get to me and not allowing others opinion about my life matter . I have learnt to be more confident and love myself and currently i am working on being less introverted. I have realized i am a great conversationalist and fun to hang around with which i didn’t know about myself earlier.giphy (40).gif

There is obviously other destinations I may move to in the coming year but the Philippines will always have a place in my heart as really it taught me a lot and it’s still teaching me a lot about life and myself as a wolf which am thankful. Anywhere I go, i will always be proud to buy a return ticket to Philippines as it will always be the  home i never had.giphy (41).gif

Have any of you used traveling as a therapy or self discovery?   How was it? What is your favourite place you like to call home and will always like to go back to?

I will like to know in comments down below. Until then the wolf is out…..

48 thoughts on “THE PHILIPPINES AND ME

    1. I indeed have come a long way with home many miles away. I am grateful for how much i have grown over this months of wandering and i hope i continue to grow. Thanks for this words… i love them.


  1. Your various encounters with your kinky hair reminded me of when I lived in Saudi Arabia and had to be going around with protective styling of braids. You can imagine the eyes following me around. But its all good as I felt honored to be stared at…lol! The Philipines was where I and my ex-husband almost set up home, then come the separation. But I know they have lovely islands and cost of living is cheap. Hope you continue to have a good time in your travels.

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  2. Traveling is the best way of discovering yourself there is. I love traveling with my husband. We always learn so much more about each other too. I’d love to visit the Philipines some day.

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  3. I love that though there are so many differences, we can still find a way to make each other smile and feel loved. I guess we all have doubts of how we will be accepted in other regions of the world and when you find there is love to be shared, that is the amazing thing.

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  4. I would love to travel more. I’ve only left the United States to go to Canada but maybe someday I’ll venture outside! I did love going to Nashville, Tennessee with my daughter last spring break. It was a great experience for the both of us.

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    1. You should venture off more out of your comfort zone. I am sure you will even enjoy it more when you realize you are a long way away from home and having a good time.


  5. The Phillippines sound amazing, their people even more so. My travels are also like therapy, so I totally get the discovering yourself part. Cheers to exploring more places in 2018!

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  6. travelling is always therapeutic for me at least! I always try and make it as relaxing and as laid back as possible and try to re-evaluate the stuff that is going on in my life!

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  7. I am so happy to read about The Philippines. It is amazing to see smiling faces and meet people who are always ready to help.Glad that you felt a connection with this place.

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    1. Maybe the Philippines is a place for expressing yourself hence my expressive writings.. lol . i have experienced a lot and it makes me prepared of what is next in the future. thanks for reading.


    1. The posts about my hair, its even hilarious when i go back to read them. I do agree that people are curious of what they are new to and want to know .my trip as been awesome and inspiring every step across the way and i am grateful for each improvement i make each day.Thanks for stopping by…xoxo


    1. Yeah , you should get out of your comfort zone sometimes to discover you. I hope when that someday comes you put the Philippines on your list.


  8. Reading your article made me even more proud of being a Filipino. I also admire you for coming here despite the negative feedback regarding the safety of travelers here. But really, there is a lot to see in the country. We have 7,641 islands!

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    1. You should be proud of where you come from .Philippines is indeed a nice country and deserves to be seen by all. yeah and it has the most islands i have ever seen with those white sandy beaches. Thanks for stopping by, Jo appreciates it.


  9. This is a wonderful article, good for educating people. I’ve heard the Philippines are beautiful! I am glad you enjoyed your time there, I would love to go there!


  10. OMG! you’re featuring my homeland. I cannot say a lot more you just made me proud again and again from every words you uttered (well written) I would love to go back sooner as I can. I’m coming home next year! Surely visiting one of those prominent islands of the Philippines Panglao 🙂


  11. I’m so glad that you’ve had a pleasant experience! It’s shameful how prejudiced some folks can be, it’s great that the locals weren’t.

    And hey, get used to looked at because of your hair, because it looks awesome, and people like to look at beautiful things 😉

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  12. The Philippines sounds so amazing, nice to know about your experience with people and place. Traveling is the best way of discovering yourself and I love traveling, knowing different cultures, histories, and people is always so interesting.

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