Mrs O’Connor remembers vividly the errors she made as an adolescent. When her friends have influenced in senior high into a boy girl relationship and sneaking of away from campus. She got pregnant as a result and was expelled. She had to give up the child after she birth to the orphanage and go back to school. God knows how many times she had gone to the orphanage to look for the child but never got in contact with him as the overseer said he had gotten adopted and she couldn’t reveal any information. Most times she regrets the mistakes and wish Ellen will understand but she wouldn’t if she doesn’t know the story. As a matter of fact nobody knew the story except for her mother whom they had both vowed to keep it a secret. Even from her husband whom she had met after senior high and they had dated for more than a decade.  Most times it makes her moody neglectful of the children she has now wondering what was going on with the child she abandoned when she was afraid the world will be hard. She initially didn’t want to abandon the child but it wouldn’t fit into the plans of her ever perfect mum which she had laid down for her; she had no option than to follow suit. That was the more reason why she wasn’t close to her mother .She knew inwardly she was hurting of that error she made.

They had sat in the car now and buckled up their seat belt, ready to continue their journey back to Accra. Ellen seemed moody and it was evident what it was that the school of her dreams wasn’t what she thought it will be. Mr O’Connor zoomed off leaving the colourful girls school behind as they set out for a long and obviously quiet journey back to Accra. After about two hours of driving Mrs. O’Connor was famished as she hasn’t eaten since the breakfast she had at home. She drove through the fast food and looked over to Ellen but she was fast asleep, she bought some hot dogs and drinks for her waiting for her to wake up so she could eat. She parked by the side of the road and ate as she went through the prospectus given to them at the school. Her mind went back to the headmistress who seemed like a strong character she felt she could trust Ellen with.

Ellen is a slippery child. She is just like her when she was growing up. Adventurous, wild spirited and Eager to have her freedom and have as much fun but it didn’t turn up well for her and she didn’t want the same thing to happen to Ellen. Most times she acted cold sacking away her friends to protect her from being influenced but it seemed she was doing less. The very friend she didn’t want Ellen to hang out with was the same friend who she spends time with the most. She didn’t like Amanda’s mother’s way of raising a child. Carefree and allowing her children to have their way which was a bad parents way of raising a girl child but her husband thought Amanda’s mother was the best mum and was just doing parenthood right. She didn’t know why her husband thought Amanda’s mother was cool and she being her wife wasn’t. His lack of emotion or love towards her after marriage and his avid interest in when Ellen will go to Amanda’s house so he could pick her up. It seemed that was the only chore he enjoyed; picking Ellen up from Amanda’s. For whatever reason that made him enjoy that chore, only he knew. Most times she felt things weren’t adding up but she just let them slide. She feels like a failure sometimes with her marriage which was lack of love or emotion and her children she struggles to be a good mum to.

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