During the ride home, Ellen bubbled at how she had gained admission into school with Amanda to her father who merely listened through by muttering a lame congrats. She should have just kept quiet through the ride but she was still busting with happiness and wanted to share with someone. On getting home her mother was in the dining hall having dinner with her younger brothers. She shouted mama I passed I got admission. Maybe she forgot for a second how less emotions her parents show. Her mother rather scolded her for shouting too loud and that she already knew as Ellen had texted her earlier. Well even if she had texted her earlier she should have sounded surprised or at least happy for her. She just walked off to her room and closed her door behind her. She wouldn’t let this ruin her awesome day. She washed up to sleep and when the maid had called her that her mother wanted to come eat she told her she wasn’t hungry. Her mother turned up a few minutes after the maid had left and enquired about why she wouldn’t eat even though Ellen never missed dinner.  Ellen felt it was the right time to make her unhappiness know to her mother and explained how left out they made her feel and how they cared less about her. She must have struck a chord in her mother heart that made her apologise and kept saying she was having a hard time with work which made her absent minded at times and that she loved her.

Rose went through her daughters results and gave her a hug promising to go to the school with her the next day for prospectus. She wished that was true as she knew her parents always cancelling up appointments but his time she was wrong. At about 5am in the morning her mother had walked in and woke her up asking her to get ready as they had a long trip to make from Accra to eastern region where her school was situated for the prospectus. She sat up abruptly on her bed at the mention of school and went to take her shower rushing through to get dressed up and for breakfast. At exactly 7am they were on the road to the eastern region where her school were situated. She was hit with surprise at how seriously her mother had been and not gone back on her word. She didn’t know exactly where the school was located but have chosen it merely to get away from her mother and live in the boarding house. Her mother was driving using the Google map on her phone and stopping to ask directions when they felt they have strayed. At about two and half hours later, they have left Accra behind heading deeper into the eastern region as streets lined up the sides of the road. Ellen has never been this far away from Accra and was surprised at how some places looked undeveloped. As usual her mother kept talking about how she wished the school was in Accra, so she could keep eyes on her and with it being far away she wondered if she will know what will be going on with her or the kind of friends she will make. She just ignored her knowing that was the main reason she chose a school which was far away from her reach.

At around 2pm they finally took the left turn which led them to the town where the school located, Rose packed at the fuel station asking the attendants how far the school was as she got down to stretch and get snacks from the store. Her mother returned to break the news to her how the next turn will be leading to the school campus. Her heart wouldn’t stop beating out of her chest anxious to how the school looked like.

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