Being a single introvert means most times am left on my own. Most of the  time  where i am bored or either getting jealous at the instagrammers  I follow on who somehow i feel are rubbing their relationship to my face through my feed. There wouldn’t be a feed where an insatgrammer wont post how amazing their partner is… really guys?giphy (14).gif

There are still some of us who have not been blessed with that status so make us less miserable for ourselves . So mostly when I want to have a nice evening or maybe a day without feeling sorry for myself there are this tv shows that make me lit. damn lit.

  1. The Jerry springer show

Hell yeah, this show has been giving me life since the day I came across it.. like really its the most funniest as well as ratchet shows I have ever watched and i am in love it. What i really love about this show is when th guests are allowed to fight.. haha i literally will be rolling in my seat wondering who taught them how to fight. The genre of the show will basically be a man cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend or vice versa and mostly its hilarious. What i live for is the transgender reveals when the other partner wouldn’t know they made out with a transsexual and then the fights that follow…lol. If you havent watched this, you showed just watch an episode on YouTube and will  know what am talking about. Damn i can literally watch this show  all day and never get bored with a box of popcorn. Its lit fam…….giphy (18).gif

2  The Jeremy Kyle show

This is a british tv show which sometimes I find hard understanding what some of the quests are saying as its difficult to make out what they mean considering their thick accent but yet still i love it. This is another comedy show which really will make you think about birth control and not sleep around… lol. There is always that partner who wouldn’t accept responsibility for a child and there is always the other partner who will lie about the paternity of her child. yeah it’s that ratchet and a dna would have to be performed to know who the real father is,  like what the hell?  It doesnt get rachet than those female guests who made out with like four guys and dont kno wh the real father is.. and am like damn girl…….

giphy (9)And those lie detectors..haha ha… its my second choice when there is no Jerry springer, i really wish they could allow the guests to fight then it would have been all the way lit. Still i love it.

3. The Amazing Race

My all time favourite and will always be my number one. that’s really why I love reality shows.  This show its like where you will see raw emotions how people can be conniving how you can just be hated for winning its like a whole bunch of lesson in one show. What i really love is the many destinations contestants visit and the experiences. I have always had a desire to be on there but really who will be my partner? I bet we will be kicked out at the end of the first leg… yeah i suck that much.giphy (19).gif

4.Project Runway

This show makes want to be a designer but really I don’t even know how to stick on a button let alone design a dress. It really humbles me  and make me appreciate how talented people are and makes me wonder if they were born with it or they learnt, yeah i am that clueless. Most times i am the judge in my couch disagreeing with some of the decisions the actual judges makes but hey who cares about an exotic african girl’s opinion? giphy (20).gif

5. Ink Master

Damn.. I love tattoos so really it isn’t a surprise when i love this show. I have watched this show to the extent that i could tell when a tattoo artist isnt good. I  even know the  different types of tattoos; from realism to 3d to black and gray to american traditional.. Just to be a little braggart. I am like a walking encyclopedia of tattoos all that to my addicion for this programme. What might shock you is that i only have one line of words in ink on my fore arm… lol. Well maybe i express mine lover for it  in words than getting inked.giphy (21).gif

Well , the above are my all time favourite tv shows…. what are yours? Are you familiar with any of the above? Is there a show you would like to recommend? Let me know in comments down below…

Until then the wolf is out chilling…..giphy (22).gif


  1. I absolutely love three of the shows, Operation Runway, Jerry Springer and The Amazing Race. Never heard of the other two, though. You might want to try Cheaters-it’s almost like Springer’s show but the confrontation is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the post.

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    1. There is someone who loves my favorites. I sure will check out cheaters, i love those confrontations and dramas. Its hilarious. Thanks for stopping by… it

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    1. lol.. i thought it was my set, i have to keep increasing volume but realized its just the thick accent. its indeed funny and i really find it entertaining. thanks for stopping bythough


  2. I recently started to watch Ink Masters and I’m a HUGE fan of Project Runway. I haven’t watched Jerry Springer in forever. Are they still fighting LOL?

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  3. Some of these names are familiar but I have never watched any of these shows! added to my watching list! my fav shows at the moment are the good place, strangers things and the bold type

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  4. These shows sound nice. I have heard some nice things about Project Runway from my friend too, thank you for the recommendations, I will check them out.

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