So in my previous post here A TRAVELLING INTROVERT     if you haven’t read it yet, I highlighted my challenges of traveling alone. From being an introvert who likes to spend most of her time indoors and traveling alone equals to no fun at all. Mauritius was like my failure as i never got to see the island as much as i anticipated due to my introvert nature so i made up some rules for myself that  i vowed i would apply at every destination i visit  to make me really experience  adventure a place has to offer. And for like two days into those rules , i am happy of the results i am getting now.  I am impressed.giphy (11).gif

I arrived in Manila like two days ago as it  was next on my travel itinerary and instead of booking airbnb  rooms like I do on every trip ,this time i pushed myself to living in a hostel as i remember someone saying on  backpacker app that the  best way to enjoy travel as a solo adventurer is to meet people in this hostel who are solo adventurers  and i felt it was really logical, so i took the challenge even though i didn’t know what to expect.giphy (14).gif

I  am not used to sharing rooms with other people as am not that really good in that aspect due to failed experiences where like i blew up when i lose my sanity. With all the screaming words of ‘you are not going to last’ ,i challenged myself and  knew it was a first step to bringing me out of my known comfort zone so i booked  a hostel and expected to experience fun  despite my uneasiness. giphy (13).gif

Arriving at the hostel and being checked into a room of like six girls, I wasn’t really feeling it.giphy (12).gif

I was like, i will be out of here in two days time but really my demeanor about the place changed that same evening I arrived. I met this really amazing people as my roommates and they were all so welcoming . I am really happy i made this decision. This people made me have plans i didn’t even think of. From the zip lining i so wanted to do in Mauritius but didn’t want to go alone, to visiting  volcanoes to islands..omg its such a long list and i am so excited. Deep down in me i know that booking this hostel was like a good decision i made on this travel. I am so excited and looking forward to these trips and exploring and to future hostels.giphy (15).gif

This hostel really look like a home. From common areas to meeting people from other countries and the breakfast being ate together makes you really feel welcomed and indeed I do feel welcomed. I am like damm… i was missing alot.giphy (16).gif

Today, I am going with one of the girls on a bus trip to an island i will blog about later so do check back to read but i really wanted to give a update on this topic.

Have you ever lived in a hostel on your solo adventurers? what things do you recommend for solo adventures? how was your experience living in a hostel? let me know in comments down below.

Until then, the wolf is out exploring…I took off my crown from being queen of introverts…lol  i hope this lasts.giphy (10)


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