I have started embarking on solo travels to some destinations of which Mauritius is first on my list. It  was my intention to spend short stays at each destination, maybe derive some inspirations from each stay and incorporate it into my writings as I discover myself in unfamiliar environments. Being an introvert ,i told myself on the onset of my journey that i am going to have as much fun. Meet people do all the crazy things and hopefully shake away this introvert nature and make life long memories but frankly all those plans i had earlier on crashed the very first day i set foot here. I  know  it was partially because of my  encounter with immigration due to my green passport  that i wrote a blog post about it here if you didn’t read yet….. MY GREEN PASSPORT . of which it made really emotional for the first three days. giphy (1)

Or just  maybe its just because of my introvert nature which was in full spirit. For all those really emotional days that I blamed on my green passport i knew it was just a cover up for my introvert nature. I holed up in my hotel room, playing video games on my tablet, of course writing and reading and watching ‘ Ru Paul drag race’ …lol .The same routine i was doing back home that made me depressed. I will buy junk food from the supermarket at night and eat them the next day locked up in my room sometimes i don’t even step out the whole day. For the whole one week ,a girl never stepped out during the day like a vampire who will be scorched by the sun. It was like my introvert nature was on full fleek. I was basically like this throughout the five nights i stayed at the hotel.giphy (2)

Darn it Jossy, why didn’t I have more of an extrovert behavior? just like those girls out there not afraid to express themselves and all. Really do we get to choose our characters?. Well if there is  reincarnation i want to come back as an extrovert. A massive extrovert girl cause it seems am missing out on all the fun.

The funny aspect of the five days was taking pictures on my balcony which was overlooking the beach to show my friends that i was really having fun which thinking of it it’s really hilarious. They are like; ‘girl, you really having fun, omg what a view i wish i was there;enjoy and i low-key knew that the fun was in that hotel room alone. Thats basically why people shouldn’t trust social media, it’s not always the truth . People can fake it like i did …but hey i am  giphy (3).gif and not denying I do that sometimes.

After the five days of being in maheborg where my hotel was which turned out to be the south I decided to move to the capital then again blaming my introverts on the fact that my hotel wasnt in the city. Introverts sometimes tend to blame things for their nature and being one massive introvert queen , trust me i know what i am talking about. I manged to booked an airbnb room about i think ten minutes near the capital port louis and  God, the hosts are like one of the most loving and delightful people i have ever met. They are kind, observant and really cool i kind of feel really at home. The host Cecile is so considerate, worrying about me not eating and buying me granola when she spotted one in my room. From the favours she offer me without charge…words cant explain…….giphy (4).gif

Moving to town I was in full vigor to have fun and maybe blog about it from the skydiving plans to zip lining but man, it never really happened. I never turned up after booking appointments at the resorts. The same routine at the hotel followed me here. writing, reading, sleeping, watching movie. Here i didn’t even go to supermarkets at night. I only survived on granola while my money stared at me through my purse why because am an introvert. It was not until one time that i was so fed up with the granola that i went to the restaurant to have a full dinner. Well i ended up getting drunk because i thought martini wasn’t alcoholic giphy (5).gif.

Well before you start laughing at me, I made friends with a taxi driver who i have come to name him ‘king of metals’ which is really hilarious when translated into my Ghanaian language .Man ,that driver i wonder ; from those heavy metals at his neck to those on his wrist and the rings i wonder is it addiction to metals or a fashion sense?seriously?giphy (6) I am so over it…

Now back to me, so doing this routine of my introvert nature, I never got to do all those things i planned on doing,except stay in my room and watch ‘a drag race FYI its a show starring gay men dressing up as women to compete for a crown’..lol.  For all those weeks spent here no memory was made except that with my host which i will never forget  and of course the king of metals my driver. As i am preparing to move on to a new destination when my stay here is over, i have set up some little rules for myself to enable me be more outgoing which i will highlight in my next blog post. Before you start cussing me outgiphy (8).gif.

Overall I think Mauritius its really a nice place, pretty much modern and chic and touristy. I love the smell of the sea when i open my window in the morning and the polite locals minus those who i have to keep saying English please but they keep speaking french and the supermarkets where you have to buy your own nylon bag after shopping which i kind of find weird…lol. Though i didn’t get to see much of it all thanks to miss introvert, it’s surely a place i will visit again to explore more when i have finally dealt with my character.

until my next post, the wolf is out to being the queen of introvertsgiphy (10).gif.


  1. I love this, really funny. I am also an introvert who is very much into solo travel, except with me I have days when I talk to everybody and do the most craziest things ever and days when I want to be in my cocoon and not talk to everyone for days. I embrace the weirdness, have fun in Mauritius and do blog about it, I have never been

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    1. Well it seems your kind of introvert is more classy than mine. i wish i could switch between and have fun today and hide tomorrow too bad my introvert is like the queen. sadly i cant write about Mauritius as i didn’t explore enough and leaving very soon so i accept as a failure. you should visit sometime, its really a nice place you will adore. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Awww i feel like a celebrity already..lol i love yours too, connecting with an African sister is always relatable…you know what i mean..lol


  2. I’m so glad you shared this! I have been thinking about solo trips for a while but I’m also the kind of person that likes to stay indoors and keep to myself- this is the main reason I want to take the plunge but also the biggest thing holding me back! I really enjoyed reading about your experience- I’ve made friends with taxi drivers on holiday too!!!

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    1. Yeah the funny taxi drivers… lol. i have started making new decisions for myself by avoiding staying at airbnbs and plunge more into hostels to meet people. i am currently in manila and i actually chose a hostel and i am really proud of it. i will blog about my experience so you should check back to read . thanks for stopping by.

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  3. A solo trip has been on my to-do list for so long. Now that I have read your post, I would like to do this really soon. Being an introvert, I can relate to all this and wonder what my experience will be as a solo traveler!

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    1. You are gonna have lots of fun and yeah you need to be brave for yourself cause you only have yourself to lean on in emotional distress during your travels.. nobody is gonna relate with you more than another introvert on a solo travel. let me know when you start those adventures. thanks for stopping by.


    1. Oh that king of metals …. he is really funny and the day i left at the airport he had watery eyes . People we meet along the way of journeys help us in one way or the other.


  4. I really adore your humour of being an introvert traveler, lots of us ignore that we travelers have differents perception and preferences whilst traveling. I could say I still have an introvert side inside me and I’m not ashamed of it though. Cheers!

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    1. Never be ashamed of who you are. you should be proud of your introvert side. what people dont know is introverts are like hidden gems, you get to know us, you love us. you dont get to know us you find us a bore. Stay true to yourself love.


    1. i am travelling by myself now and i must say its been really hard on me, i cant even go out just stuck in my hostel sleeping, reading and blogging so on repeat each day.


    1. Social media indeed can be so misleading. Maybe you are even better off that someone on social media who you think leads the perfect life. As i always say life is a learning process. thanks for stopping by.


  5. I think personally today I needed this. Lately I’ve had plans made and I just wanted to cancel them even though I was at one point excited, especially if those plans involved going to places off campus (and they all did). Thank you for documenting your journeys and deciding to open up about the good as well as the bad parts.

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    1. Introverts have a had time going out of our comfort zone and sometimes going out of what we are used to help us to rediscover ourselves. just try to go out more often, one step at a time. Thanks for reading..


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