I basically started blogging to post my books , my articles and thoughts and create a platform who might support me when I finally bring out my debut book. looking back on it now i have seen how i have come a long way and how i have grown to know who i am as a blogger. Starting was just blogging , nothing special and just writing down my thoughts and felt good about my site till i joined Facebook blogging groups and started following bloggers on social media platforms then i began to doubt myself and my blog.

The blog that I was proud of initially , i wasn’t of anymore. I felt other bloggers were doing more than i was i am just lurking behind. I began to judge myself and my attention swaying from why i started blogging and concentrating on my writing and started to look for ways to be like them. What i forgot was, everyone has a reason for blogging and each reason varies. Most of the bloggers i am following are travel, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers which frankly it isn’t my interest but yet i still wanted to be like them. I was just somehow influenced by their blog and what they do and i wanted to do same forgetting my strong point is writing.

I wanted to blog about beauty but hell, I don’t know nothing about makeup, I can’t even make up my face without looking like a clown so i dont make up my face. Beauty blogging is basically on makeups and use of beauty products which you will review later. I use little to no  products in my beauty routine, i dont apply night creams and day creams and wrinkle creams and glow creams, i only simply use wipes on my face and a random cinnamon face mask; but yet i still wanted to do beauty blogging, looking back on those few weeks i wonder like what the hell was wrong with me?

Then my attention shifted to  fashion blogging…I think i was so over in my head then to think of doing fashion blogging. What the hell do i know about fashion? how many designer wears can i buy to blog about everyday for my website and could i afford the services of photographers to take professional pictures every time?. damn,… some things aren’t for everyone and it just wasn’t for me but i kept thinking about it as any time i see those fashion bloggers on my Instagram feed or i visit their pages. I was being influenced in a bad way by what they did.

Finally I thought about travel blogging , even typing it now i am like seriously? i thought i could travel around and blog about it like other bloggers were doing but those things aren’t me. I wasn’t staying true to myself .For a month i was fumbling with this ideas of venturing into this niche and when i traveled to Mauritius for a short stay and thinking i could blog about the experience, then i realized all those things i am thinking about isn’t it.

I am not that outgoing extrovert person to be roaming all over the island to write about it.. nein , I am far off a different person than that and travel blogging takes much work. All thus things were really bothering me that my writing lacked, then i woke up one morning and asked myself why am i trying hard to be other people then who i am? I am not a beauty blogger, neither fashion neither travel. I can’t force myself to  focus on that cause someone is doing it. Its better i focus on myself and do me; write like how i used to before, my experiences  and all that as it is who i am as a blogger and looking back now i feel pleased with myself for learning this act of staying true to myself.

I have learnt not to let what others are doing make me doubt myself, but rather learn from them to improve on what I do. Never again will i pick up tasks that aren’t me… from now on it will be about me and  what i truly am as a blogger and what i am passionate about and not follow the crowd. Sometimes its best to be weird than follow the crowd so here is to being weird on my blog and being me and doing what i love which is writing….

What lessons did you learn from blogging?  Was it life changing? I want to know about your experiences  in comments down below.

Until then the wolf is out…..


  1. People go through stages in their blogging, you’re finally learning your niche. 🙂 I started out as a book blogger because that’s what I love and am best at, then I slowly trickled out into different types of products.


  2. I did the same way as you did and after to blog, i felt who will read my blog? But to my surprise, so many views were there on my first blog “MY BELOVED” YOU can go thro my blog ‘EVERY ONE KNOWS.BUT THEY DONT ADMIT’ if you like send your comment.


  3. YES! I have been struggling with this lately, since so many of my posts are about social justice and inequality and so on, and I read tips from other bloggers about keeping content light and fun to draw in readers. I had to remember that I wasn’t blogging for them, yes I wanted to have people reading it, but I’m writing because I love to write.


  4. Aw lovely I hear you. It is all too easy to compare ourselves to others which can affect our self esteem. However just be you, because being yourself will make you the best blogger that can be. It does not matter what other people think just know that you are awesome x

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  5. Yup, it can be tough to see other bloggers get all these sponsored posts and opportunities, but I remind myself that I am different, and I am me. You need to always be yourself!

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    1. Only advice i can give you is, stay true to yourself and do what you are best at .look at others for inspiration but never compare yourself to them, everyone has a reason they started blogging.


  6. Blogging, just like life, is a journey of self-discovery. You test new things and find what resonates with you and what doesn’t. It takes time – and sometimes a lot of it – but it’s definitely worth the journey!

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  7. I’m a beauty blogger, and yet there are days I have to say that to a total stranger while my hair is a mess and I am au naturel! It suits me though, and ultimately that is what matters most when choosing the content for your own blog.

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    1. It did change my way of thinking too… everyone has their purpose so do you have yours and copying others purpose doesn’t make you stay true to yourself. i intend to stay true to myself as a writer not a random blogger. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. i sure will check out your blog . And as you are new, just stick to who you are and what you want to bring to the plate. never copy anyone or try hard to be someone. remember staying true to yourself it what will get you recognized.


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