Writing has always been a passion and starting this blog is basically baby steps towards becoming the published author I want to become. I have been low key writing eBooks I haven’t shared with my readers because basically I think its not good enough but thinking of it I felt sharing with people to seek their view on something I have written will help me be better and work towards that dream of being published.

Attached is an eBook I wrote a few months ago titled ‘sold by tradition’

The very first eBook I wrote fictionally based on child marriages in my country. Feel free to download and read an amateurs work. I will be happy to read feedbacks criticisms and recommendations. Let me know what you think about it.

Download here-   SOLD BY TRADITION


  1. Hi Jossy,

    You requested feedback for your book, “Sold By Tradition”. First, I want to congratulate you for writing it and moving forward with posting it. It takes a lot of courage to request feedback.

    You have a good story to tell. However, it is difficult reading for two main reasons:

    1. Many of your sentences are run-on and need restructuring.
    2. Several of your paragraphs are quite lengthy, and they should be broken down into two or three.

    It will take a lot of time to revise, but that is what writing is about. Write, re-write, and re-write some more. Eliminate the unnecessary. Every writer needs to know how to self-edit and make corrections even if they hire a professional editor. An editor will not take the time to do a writer’s work.

    Keep writing. Work on revising your book. You really do have a good story.

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    1. Thanks so much for your honest views on my work, i guess i am still an amateur learning the game of how this writing thing is done write. i must say i am quite overwhelmed by how much time it takes to write that perfect book, i know i am still beginning, i will take on your advise and try to work harder on my craft . Thanks so much for taking the time out to write this honest feedback, you have no idea how much i appreciate it.


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