After about five days of being here I actually haven’t even stared my adventure yet, basically because my hotel was far off in the south of Mauritius at a place called Maheborg and I wasn’t actually feeling the vibe. I currently moved to an airbnb apartment which is like the cleanest I have ever seen and the host has this amazing demeanour it almost feels like home. So really I sat down today and explored my list of where I want to visit or things I really wanted to do whilst here.


I have always wanted to experience sky diving the very first time I came across it on the amazing race show. It’s really an adrenaline rush activity  takes like a lot of courage  to do it. Being in Mauritius and away from my negative friends who would have advised against me doing it ,I feel like it’s the right time to experience this activity. Searching online I  out the company which does that here in Mauritius known as sky dive Mauritius .The helicopter will take divers like 1000 feet above ground where you will dive for straight 30 minutes flying among the clouds and experiencing how beautiful the island is through the sky. This like the first on my list and am looking forward to doing that.    // will be me in the clouds.

  • Zip lining

This is also one of the adventures that I am like crazy about. I am all about he adrenaline pumping and doing this will be like a great feeling for me. The longest one which is like 500 m in length is in the south at a nature reserve park called ‘valee des coloeurs’. it’s really affordable and its like an adventure to talk about someday.I hope my teeth doesn’t fall out like this guy so basically I will keep my mouth shut throughout the experience. Yeah I can’t afford losing a teeth.//

  • Underwater Sea Walk

As I am a non diver and extremely virgin to swimming and still have the urge for experiencing the underwater world this is like the best option for me till like I learn scuba diving. This is a safe and fascinating  walk on the ocean bed about  3 to 4 metres deep to witness the marine life could make my fantasies come true. It doesn’t require any knowledge of swimming or anything and it doesn’t require me taking of my glasses . A helmet which allows to breathe will be placed on my head  to allow breathing normally  and mot importantly I will be accompanied by a life guard throughout the walk.// will basically be walking like this with full confidence.

  • Casela world of Adventures.

This is a nature theme park  where you get to experience the  wildlife in reality. From the camel rides to  walk with lions  to feeding giraffes  and monkeys is like something I really want to do . This comes in packages and I sure will go for the extreme package in other to experience what this 250hectores of adventure got to offer. From the canyon swings to quaking to the Nepalese swings it all will be  like a day of adventure. // with excitement now.

  • Visiting Rodriguez

This is like another part of Mauritius but you will need like a plane transport or a boat transfer to the piece of island. I didnt know about this but my warm-hearted airbnb host suggested it as she had had some kind of fun experiences there, I would like to experience myself. It is like the real face of Mauritius and who doesn’t want to experience that. There are loads of adventures there which I am looking forward to as I like to be kept in suspense.// want to have this expression on my face when I get to see what it has to offer.

So this are like the five places I want to visit now. Have you ever been to Mauritius? do you have like other recommendation for me?, Have you ever done any of the activities above? just let me know your thoughts and comments down below.

Until then, the wolf is just chilling ……  //


    1. You just cant get enough of Mauritius when you experience it, and I kind of love my first five plans, right now am looking forward to executing them and writing about it here.Thanks for stopping by


    1. I was shocked to know that they had something like that’ under water sea walk, this is one thing I really look forward to experiencing other than the zip lining and the sky diving. Thanks for reading.


  1. I’ve never been there nor do I have recommendations (sorry) but I am really glad to hear the green passport horror is over! It looks like you’ve got some wonderful experiences to try, I’d never heard of underwater walking but it looks SO cool!

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  2. Wow! Sky divining and Zipline are really fun and great adventure there. So amazing and cool experience, Would love to visit Mauritius.


  3. Wow!! How exciting is this!? I can’t wait to read your blog about your skydiving. This is so interesting. Advance good luck to you!!


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