Coming to Mauritius was really exciting as I planned on seeing so many things and experience the island life whilst creating memories before moving on to my next destinations. Initially due to an encounter I wrote on a previous blog post with immigration which had somehow killed that excitement ,I am recovering the excitement back  and so far enjoying this little island country. Presently I am in the south of the country called Mahebourg where I had booked my accommodation and this observations are made entirely on this area as I haven’t being to the capital port Louis yet. This are my first impressions of this paradise island.

  • French-speaking.

I always thought Mauritius was an English speaking country but it turned out I was extremely wrong. It is one hundred percent a French speaking country. Road signs and everything have been written in french. It isn’t surprising that about eighty percent of the tourists and expats living here are from France and other french speaking countries as maybe it feels like home for them where they wouldn’t have to struggle with the English language. Not that English isn’t used here, it is being used by a few but the first language you are approached with is french. I studied french in school which i could get what I want to say across but here I prefer to stick to my English to prevent embarrassment and being misunderstood.// well, i am just being cautious.

  • Driving on right hand .

Well should I say this came as a culture shock to me ? maybe as where I come from and most place I visited vehicles are being drove on the left hand  so getting into a cab and realizing the driver  is on the right hand kind of shocked me a little. I did read once online some countries drive on right but I personally haven’t seen or experience any so I was kind of shocked and was like// I kept it together and to myself not to be labelled as dumb by asking that question.

  • The use of solar panels;

This is like of the many things I respect this country for since arriving here,the use of solar panels to generate electricity. Even though they don’t have enough sunlight like my homeland they still take the chance and  use it, unlike my country who mainly depend on hydro-electric power when there is enough sunlight that burns your skin when you walking out. This is something Ghana should learn from, no wonder there are always black outs when the sole dependent fail us. Well i think Ghana should try being more innovative in technology than being only interested in childbirth and marriages// my eyes now.

  • European setting.

This is  the other thing I love this country for, the setting is just beautiful. Even though this isn’t the capital I am overly impressed at how developed things are here. The colonial buildings with white wash paints and a streak of colors just gives this place a paradise feeling and perfect for a romantic get away. The flowers hanging from front porches, the smell of sea in the air, the good roads which links from place to place, omg I am so impressed. The google gps is so accurate that you wouldn’t even get lost as the outlay of this city is so well planned unlike some places where you will use google maps at your own risk.// I am just really impressed.

  • Warm/calm locals

This is one of the things I already adore about Mauritius in just a few days of being here. The constant bonjours from people who barely know you when you walk down the street from the warm smiles they give you ready to render help. Its all just completely lovely especially coming from a place where people barely say hi to each other and  always in a hurry to go somewhere. I even made a friend who owns a local Mauritian restaurant am crushing down tonight . All in all they are really just lovely people.// think am falling in love with this place.

So this are like my first observations,hoping to make more encounters and blog about it here in the way of creating memories and leaving footprints behind.

Until then, the wolf is out//!!!!!!


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