Cinnamon is mostly known for use in baking but that sweet-scented wood has other benefits. It is antioxidant, anti bacterial and anti fungal which mostly help in health and other benefits useful in the beauty world. Below are five uses of the cinnamon in a beauty routine through diy.

  •  Face mask.

Cinnamon when used with honey helps in the cure of pimples, acne and blemishes. Mix three tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon.Apply on damp face and leave for 20 minutes  or alternatively leave over night before washing with water.

  • Hair growth

Cinnamon stimulates hair growth. Mix cinnamon with honey and apply in hair acting as a mask. leave for a few minutes before washing off of.

Cinnamon can be mixed with honey olive oil and egg for hair mask by applying in hair from roots to tip. After which is covered with a shower cup for close to an hour before washing off with shampoo.Repeating this at least twice in a month stimulates hair growth.

  • Body scrub

Cinnamon can be mixed with sea salt, almond oil,olive oil and honey to create a body scrub used in achieving a smooth skin.

  • Eczema

Cinnamon is an effective treatment for curing eczema .You can create this diy by mixing cinnamon and honey and apply at effected area.Using continuously for a week relieves the infection.

  • Cure for wounds

Cinnamon can be used in the cure of wounds by applying a thin of the powder to the affected area.

This are the five uses of cinnamon i know of. Are there other uses of cinnamon i didn’t list ? do you have other uses of cinnamon? please let me know in comments down below.



  1. I am struggling with my hair. I experience regular shedding, but having thin hair I am always worried I lose more than I grow back. Thanks for the tip to use cinnamon as a hair mask. I love cinnamon in the kitchen, so I would definitely love to have a cinnamon hair mask on! If it helps boost hair growth it’s what I need, plusI will love the smell!


    1. Hair loss can really be difficult for ladies. you should try avocado mask and mayonnaise mask. i blogged about them a couple of days ago. i use both mask on my hair and they are completely amazing. no hair loss, strength and growth. Thanks for reading


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