I woke up this morning with the zeal to write an article for my blog but sat behind my laptop clueless on what actually to blog about. I was like where did all my ideas go to? I should have written them down somewhere so when I experience lack of creativity I pick up a topic to blog about. Goodness knows how many times I have started a topic today and trashed it. Am like what should I write about, I need to write something too but nothing is popping up in my mind which makes me like//

should I blog about beauty routines or what, or should I blog about the meal I had at that fancy restaurant, or the clothes I bought from the online shop or review a product but anytime I start, I only write about two lines and am stuck on what words to follow next and am like//

Did I just lose my tag for writing or not being able to write anymore. This is just absurd as my niche is broad and I should have something to write about. Some days and bustling with so many ideas and another am like nothing to write about and I only got to know it happens to most writers and known as writers block and I was like //

It even have its special name.So I googled on how to overcome this writers block so I wouldn’t be caught up with absolutely nothing to blog about and this were the tips i found helpful,

  • a change of environment
  • reading a book
  • free writing like am doing now
  • creating a routine
  • writing ideas down every time when you feel like you bustling with too many ideas and writing it the next time when you hit writers block.

The above five steps kind of helped especially the change of environment as i took a walk and decided to just write about my experience today  when I had a clear mind. It seems writers block happens to almost everyone who is into blogging and creating reading articles. Well since I learnt a lesson today I hope am not hit with this situation again as it can be really frustrating just not knowing what to write about.//

Have you ever been hit with a writer’s block? how was the experience like for you? what measures did you take to overcome it?   Let  me know in comments down below.

Until then, the wolf is out//

12 thoughts on “MY WRITERS BLOCK

  1. pretty good tips.
    one thing that usually helps me overcome writer’s block is going for a jog or doing some cardio.
    But maybe that’s because I change environments!


  2. Writer’s block is awful. I study Creative Writing at the university of Derby so I get it often,

    My tips:
    Listen to music, especially film
    Free write
    Make a character CV (a Cv for a fictional person)
    Index cards and a notice board.

    Have a look at my save the Cat post too


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