Well today, not sure what to actually blog about, which is really what i have been struggling with this days. I curved to the personal  and safe level of how my day went . I woke up this morning grumpy and kind of bored for no reason but particularly could be because i have been home since a week and wanted to see another face other than the friendly faces at home so off i went. With no location in mind  initially, i finally ended up on the mini mall called Achimota retail center which is like 6 kilometers from where i live to get some basic stuff.retaik.jpg

With this retail center, anytime I go it always two stores i patronize even though there are about 16 other shops. Its always Mr price and shop-rite. So off i went to shop-rite first before Mr price. shoprite achimota.jpegOnce at shop-rite I had  a mission in mind to buy exactly what i want without over spending and surprisingly today i stuck by the rules which i always stray from once my eyes surveys . I just didn’t want to incur unplanned spending. I headed to the bakery stand to get my whole grain croissant as i am a weight watcher which most times i struggle with.IMG_4208.JPGwell I tried hard to avoid looking at those tempting doughnuts and stick to the croissant but this sales agent was keeping my time and i just took a pic of him which he smiled to.IMG_4209.JPGThe croissant I bought is the one the second shelves being swallowed with the calories i didn’t want to buy. I walked off to find an almond milk and as i searched the shelves with a lady who was standing close by we kind of started a conversation. I don’t remember what started it but i think it was over an over priced pant liner. In the end she asked we take a pic together so here it is, Image-1 (2).jpgThats me with my other two pair of eyes and a snap chat filter I can never go wrong with and the new friend i have forgotten her name. Well i ended up being her photographer for the next ten minutes, taking about five photos of her asking for different pose after which i asked her to take a pic of me but it turned out she was  bad a photographer that it was only one that came out blog worthy not my kind of photographs i want but here it is be the judge of it……………………… well come to think of it i think .is not worthy to put here…lol.

I got my almond milk which i love due to its non fat content as it helps in me watching my weightIMG_4273.JPGand a few other things its better to keep private from the toiletries to what have you and the half eaten dates….lolIMG_4275.JPGI just love this fruits. i discovered them when i lived in the Dubai and i have grown to love it even though my Ghanaian friends here hate it.i then checked out to go to my next shop mr priceachimota-mall-s-mr-price.jpgA clothing retail with affordable and cheap clothes. I love them if am not shopping online and when am in Ghana . it a retail franchise from south africa and they do have some pretty nice clothes. well i got myself some and had fun with my sales agent who happen to a guy i tipped some time off.  i bought some items but there was this heels i fancy and with it over priced for my budget, i just wore it and called the agent to tak pic of me in itIMG_4236.JPGIMG_4241.JPGoh and that’s my little bag on the floor in the changing room…lol. sometimes I can be overly carefree. like taking pictures of me naked in the changing room to see if i had lost weight since they had this big mirror than the one i had home. not appropriate top post that picture here but quiet pleased with my weight now. maybe i could gym more to tone it i thought o myself. the rest of the time was spent in the changing room posing for pictures which i doubt if it came out nice. looking at the pictures now i realised my natural hair really grew over the past months maybe i should blog about the routine and diy….just maybe.Image-1 (3).jpgwell after i was done, i sat down at a small cafe to have some hot capuccino, too bad i didnt take picture of that. i felt it was getting late and booked an uber who i told to drive fast past the kfc outlet, to prevent being tempted by it  lol.kfc.jpgwell that ended the day away from home as i seat here recounting it. let me know what you think about it in the comments down below….

i am out!!!!


30 thoughts on “A DAY SPENT AT THE MALL

  1. That outfit was cute and I would of had a hard time choosing a bite to eat too. I drink almond milk but it wasn’t to do with the fat content. Makes great smoothies and sometimes I like to change my milk up.

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    1. yeah the great smoothies almond milk makes but i only know of two recipes. it will be nice to know other smoothie recipe to use my almond milk on. thanks for reading though


    1. you should find time out of your busy schedule to have a bit of fun and unnerve, it does the body good you know. thanks for reading though.


    1. yeah, the mirror thing…lol. it was a nice day. thanks for reading, hoping to hear your stories of the mall when you go on weekends


    1. o did had a super fun day. it just sucks when the one thing we like dont fit the budget. maybe i will get it next time. thanks for reading though.


    1. i did have a great day except for the calories which was tempting me….lol. i will like to read about your day at the mall when you visit again.


  2. Coincidentally, I went shopping too and got a great deal on some work clothes. The original price for two shirts and two dress pants totalled about $360 and I paid only $60. Awesome find.


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