So today, I wanted to write a blog post and couldn’t decide on the topic to blog about. I spent hours going over in my head bubbling with ideas and couldn’t place my finger on what I should write about especially since its being a while i wrote something on here. Sometimes a writer’s mind is overflowed with ideas that it difficult to decide on whats bloggable and what not. Sitting behind my laptop for over an hour and trashing about seven topics, i finally settled on sharing a piece of myself on here, listed below are five things about me ,  written with love.


Anyone who knows me really well will easily notice my love for online shopping. Due to my indecisive nature, I can’t decide on a particular dress I want when i go to the mall to buy clothes but with the online shops, i get to know how an item looks on a model than it being on a mannequin in a mall.  Online shopping has it pros and cons obviously, but I do enjoy the act of looking forward to a parcel coming through with delivery guy and checking constantly with tracking to see where my package has gotten to at a given day.  It’s like christmas for me when i tear open the packages. As much as i like online shopping i have been exposed to the negative sides of it. From not getting my package when i once shopped on fashionnova. The package never came through even though i was given a tracking  number. The customer service was poor and when  i couldn’t bear with the fact that my money was just gone i reported to paypal to retrieve my money back but after months i finally gave up and knew i lost my money forever. Then I vowed never to shop there again. My new favourite where i have been shopping  which delivers in like five days  for international shipping is prettylittlething. Though their deliveries are fast and i really have nothing negative to say about them, i have my displeasure of getting an oversized t-shirt i ordered in medium but it turned out to be extra-large, and  a pant which was too light i cant wear outside except with a longer top. But yet i still do love online shopping and especially this new shop and will shop every chance i get especially when i have a balance in my paypal account to spare.


I am like an all time introvert. I like being indoors, enjoy my own company and doing things without having to think about being distracted. i don’t know how and when i became an introvert since i remember  growing up, i was more of an extrovert, and a person who was all out there. Sometimes i think it basically because of my mum who disapproved the kind of friends i hanged out with growing up and spent all my time home indoors after that. i think it kind of grew on me where i enjoy the introvert part of me. Well it has it troubles, like loneliness and constant depression. recently i am working on that part of myself to meeting people and getting to know them. Though it kind of hard to keep up with the friendship i make as sincerely i have forgotten how to be friends with other people as i have grown to be friends with myself. But surely i hope i make friends who will know me for me and stick around as well as teaching mehow friendship are meant to be.


How I love music even though I have the most horrible of voice i have ever met. i am pretty sharp at learning songs but the voice, man, it so bad that when i record myself on my phone whilst  i sing, i ask myself who sang that? but what can i do, i love singing  and i will sing to myself even in the voice i hate hearing on replay.


Most people who I have met and have really gotten to know me well often pass comment on how open-minded I am. well i will take it as a compliment as i know that about myself. I accept people for who they are and what they stand for, not judging them on their beliefs or whatever they deem right. in all i will say its more of a tolerance nature i have. I never make people feel like what they stand for or what they do is wrong, i rather brace them and cause them to open up and somehow along i  find a way to contribute about and experience and get to learn from them. well that speaks for my open-mindedness .


Recently have noticed this alpha female traits about me. the zeal to lead, and not be suppressed kind of stuff. people feel I am more outspoken when I open up and make sure my view gets across without being ignored and most particularly not suppressed. Some people find me intimidating when i stand for what i believe in especially in a situation. but some find my confidence charming. maybe if am able to suppress my introvert nature, i could  be unstoppable….well, just saying.

12 thoughts on “FIVE THINGS ABOUT ME.

      1. yay right. trying to work on that expect of meeting people outside the internet platform but its kind of hard. i hate the public places and the only place which is comfort zone form me is home. maybe am missing out on life but i just cant change who i am overnight.

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    1. What people dont know is, introverts make the best friends when the effort is put in place. I enjoy my introvert nature but i guess it has its negatives, and keeping a friend or two will be nice but making a friend is the difficult part especially the opening up and getting to know other people. Only introverts understand the struggle. Thanks for reading my fellow introvert…


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