Most people who grew up with African parents normally know they are often no-nonsense and instill discipline in the daily routine of their children that they believe are shaping them to be an upright adult. From the household chores, running of errands to the beatings when you do wrong and I particularly experienced all. Sometimes I wonder if those beatings I endured growing up from the mistakes I made which is unacceptable to my Ghanaian mother shaped me in a way. Well i don’t think it did shape me  in a way but i did learn few lessons which i still somehow abide by today.  Below are some recounted experiences i remember which i find amusing.

  1. IDEAL MILK.                                                                                                                                 If There is something that I will never forget in my childhood memories is the ideal milk saga( a picture of the milk).nestle-ideal-original-full-cream-evaporated-milk-170gI thought I was going to die from drinking this milk on one occasion.  It was really a bad memory growing up that i wanted to erase from my mind when i was much younger but all grown up i find it funny instead. I think i was around 7 years when i had developed this sweet taste in my mouth for tasting everything in the fridge even if it wasnt for me and i obviously know i wasnt permitted to  touch. I had closed from school one afternoon and went to the fridge to pick water for my thirsty mother and there i saw the opened milk sitting there majestically. I should have taken the water and left but my sweet tongue told me to take a sip as it wouldn’t hurt and my smart and strict mother wouldn’t notice. Well i took a sip ,omg the taste was like twice how it tasted everyday, maybe from it being chilled.The sip followed sip after sip after sip till it was left with just a little only then i stopped sipping as i knew i was in danger and in for a beating from my mother when she finds out.  My mother who has been waiting impatiently for  the water followed up to see what was keeping me late found me with the tin of milk in my hand ready for a last sip then i will be prepared for the beatings later on. I expected a knock on my head or maybe a slap as always it does when the beatings are about to start but it wasnt what  mother had for me. she didn’t look angry as i thought she would be when she finds out but rather had this kind of scared face i wondered what was wrong till she spoke. Mother said the milk was poisoned and she was going to soak it in bread and trap the mouse with it which i had drunk and that i was going to die . You should have seen how scared i was and started crying, scratching my tongue with both hands and trying to vomit but nothing came. My mother just stood, watching as i made a helpless show of trying to save my life. I was  busy running up and down trying to find an antidote to the poisoned milk and i virtually did everything; from brushing teeth to all.Till  mother said only palm oil could subdue its effect. I run to the kitchen to drink as much as my stomach can carry but sadly it was empty.  Amidst loud crying she gave me money to go purchase a quantity from a local mart which was about 2 kilometers away. On my way i was running and crying making people wonder what was wrong with me as i held my neck and was barefooted. I did get the palm oil after running from shop to shop when the other said they didn’t have and i broke into more loud wails. I started drinking it on the way home to save my life .  It was the most scary afternoon of my life and didn’t want to talk over it ever after it passed and stopped touching things in fridge till am told it was mine. Now that i think of it, i feel it was a prank my mother pulled on me to learn a lesson the hard way as my mother just sat through barely bothered when i was struggling to save my life which would have been the opposite if it was truly a poison. My mother never said it was a prank but i did learn my lesson though the hard way as she wanted.


Joyful days are Christmases when cousins stay over for Christmas vacations. It was such on this very Christmas occasion when my cousin Eunice visited us from the village. Back then rice was like gold powder which are only cooked in Ghana on special occasions especially on Christmas so was what was served this Christmas  . We had had an early meal of rice which we obviously wasn’t full but mother said the rest of the one cup rice was for some visitors she was expecting from another town. Mother covered up the rice and stew reserved for the two visitors and paced it on the highest shelf in the kitchen obviously away from us and left to bring the visitors  when we had gone out to play.rice.jpg If it wasn’t for my milk experience i would have sneaked and gone to eat the rice but i had learned the hard lesson that when Eunice had suggested the idea i declined but Eunice still went when everybody wast looking. I don’t know why Eunice was so keen on touching a visitors rice not  even do i know now. Well i saw my mother about an hour later with the two visitors following. She set the table for them after sharing pleasantries and was going to serve the rice only for her to open the rice bowl and see it filled to the brim with water. Then i heard her scream in our local language ‘this girls have killed me  oh’. Naive me walked there and was immediately grabbed as she thought it was me and ready to beat me till a neighbor said she saw Eunice eating when she came looking for my mother thus i was saved. Eunice didn’t deny and spent the rest of the evening crying after the visitors have been served with ken key(local Ghanaian delicacy) and left. She was beaten by my mother who was angry as she felt humiliated in-front of the visitors and sent  Eunice on the earliest bus the next morning to go back to the village. That was the last time Eunice ever came over for  Christmas vacations but she however gained the name ‘ 1 cup of rice’ . Which she so much hate. Today she is married and have kids and when randomly i have a chat with her and recall her on her ‘ i cup of rice masterpiece’ she hangs up on me.

TO BE CONTINUED…….( as am reeling in laughter now that i cant type right)…lol..xoxo



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