There are hundred ethnic groups in Ghana each with their unique  cultural practices due to their believes. Some are barbaric that organisations had to advocate against it for it to be abolished. Below are four outmoded cultural practices in Ghana but yet some are still being practiced.


Female genital mutilation is the intentional removable of the clitoris of the female vagina  of a girl at a tender age of 13-15. Ethnic groups which practice this states it is a done to decrease the sexual desire of girls so they remain chaste until marriage and after marriage they will remain faithful to their husbands. It is normally practiced in the northern part of Ghana. Even though it has been abolished some ethnic groups still practice it. It was abolished due its barbaric nature and the long-term effects it has on girls . Below are some of the effects. fgm.jpg

a. Un sterilized instruments are often used which causes infections due to the unhygienic conditions it is performed under.

b. It sometimes lead to death and painful childbirth on victims it has been done on.

c. It is found as infringement on the fundamental human rights of the girl child as its compulsory.

d. It is painful and barbaric.


Tribal marks involves placing marks on faces of new-born for identification. It is done in such a way that when a wearer of a tribal mark is seen you immediately know where they hail from. tribal marks.pngThe instruments used are sharp knives or blade. it was mostly common in the northern part of Ghana. Depending on the severity of the marks a persons beauty is often hindered  and bring low self-esteem when they grow up. It is a painful experience for the babies and considered infringement on the rights of the child as their consent aint asked.




Child marriage is when girls are forced into marriage before 18 years. The rates are high in the northern region where practitioners blame it on culture whilst others blame it on poverty. Young girls drop out of school to marry older men old enough to be their father . It is disheartening as this young brides know nothing about child-birth or marriage and never experience childhood. child marriages.jpgChild marriage in Ghana  is deeply rooted in tradition and discriminatory gender norms. With most parents thinking a girls worth is to be married and child-birth and not education.


Trokosi system is also termed as ritual servitude  where traditional religious shrines take human beings normally young virgins in payment for services or in religious atonement for alleged misdeeds of a family member. The young girls  are not allowed right to education. they spend all their life in dedication to the shrine and fetish priest. trokosi_1.jpg

Their hairs are shaved off to render them unattractive and  made to live a different lifestyle than the normal girl. Fear is instilled in them that none of them have the urge to abscond.It is normally found in the volta region of Ghana and parts of greater accra . Till date it is the only cultural practice that no organisation had stood to abolish it for fear of supernatural curses.


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