my view on black racism…..

If you are a person of color like me and thinking of traveling to another country, the very first thing you do is ask if the country is racist. If the review is great you go if its bad you are reluctant to go which is greatly sad and disappointing as the color of our skin shouldn’t be a deterrent to us on exploring life and be adventurous.  The reviews of some countries are so bad that it makes me wonder what blacks did to them; or our only error was being born black?

we are all equal.jpgRacism and discrimination has been directed at blacks for time being, many articles have been written on it  and massive exposure has been made in the media to shame the racists but yet blacks are always subject to racism and discrimination.  One question that beats my mind  is why are people racist? what started racism? will racism be ever fixed? will there be a day where blacks will travel to all parts of the world without being scared about being subject to racism and discrimination? will there ever be a day where people of all skin types will be treated equally?

not my fault.jpgBeing discriminated against based on your skin color is bad enough that you are judged  on that but not on who you are and what you stand for. A few days ago I watched a Korean movie and was fascinated by how Seoul was beautiful and was thinking of visiting it, the first thing i googled was, are Koreans racist?  Frankly i was overwhelmed at the search results i received both on trip adviser, lonely planet and one personal blog. It was enough for me to discard the idea of ever visiting Korea. The blacks who had lived  reviews was heartbreaking.  Some had instances of not landing a job, others being photographed on the streets to the extend of their hairs being touched without permission. Another  comment which really surprised me was the fact that a black teacher had to be sacked from her school because the parents  of the students didn’t want their kids being taught by a black teacher….. i am like really?. yeah it is that bad. So obviously South Korea is out of my bucket list so are some countries who have high levels of racism. I don’t want to relieve my worst fears again.

no racism.jpgI have been a victim of racism and discrimination which was a horrible experience I don’t ever want to relive it again. There have been instances where i was seen as a sex figure because i am black, not hired because am black, followed in a supermarket by a security because am black  which is worrying . Nobody will ever want to be treated differently because on their skin color. My past experience is greatly influencing my decisions of migration that when i have an interest in seeing a place and the talks of racism  and discrimination is high i just cancel it out the thoughts outright.

I thought the world have advanced and blacks are making names for themselves to remove the stereotypes of us being bad but yet it gets worse each day.  when will there be a day when the world will accept us fully for who we are and what we can do and look beyond our skin color and get to know our personality than quickly branding us as  bad and screaming to us to go back to our countries when we visit their countries for tourism.

maxresdefault.jpgA’int we humans like the white? Don’t we breathe the same air?, Don’t we have the same body parts?, don’t we all die and give birth?, dont we both have gays and lesbians?. dont we all have education?  so why the heck are we being discriminated against?

Or is it that everything about our version is inferior? Both races equally have people who are bad and those who are good ,why are we being singled out and discriminated against. what did we do wrong, or our skin color was wrong?

All this discrimination started the inferiority complex in young girls who resort to skin bleaching to be different,  striving so hard to exotic and oriental just like the white lady behind the magazine cover and the pretty lady advertising the lipstick so they be acceptable. I am really disgusted at the world we live in today even as advanced as it is, racism still exist. I hope things change in the future for the young black children who are born and yet to be born so they wouldn’t have to pay the price of committing the offence of being black.

o-RACISM-INTELLIGENCE-facebook.jpgTo the blacks who are out there and being discouraged ,be empowered and know that your black is beautiful and you can be anything you set your mind to. create your own version of  beautiful in your black skin,  be comfortable wearing it. And to those white supremacists and racists asshole ‘blacks will rise someday,  blacks are learning and taking notes,someday we will   be unstoppable. …. because the only wrong we did was being black!!!!!

34 thoughts on “ALL WE EVER DID WAS TO BE BLACK!!!

  1. I find it absurd that people judge others by what they do, who they date and because of the color of one’s skin. I also have been a victim of racism as a white person. Not that it compares to what my fellow brothers and sisters have had to deal with, but I can somewhat understand what it feels like to be treated differently.

    People are scared of what they don’t understand and hate strengthens in their hearts. It truly is sad and something I do not understand. Everyone bleeds the same, hurts the same, loves the same. Just because we don’t all have the same color of skin doesn’t mean we aren’t equal.

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    1. Well said Anne. Everyone has been a victim of discrimination one way or the other, and most times i wonder why someone should be judged on who they chose to love or what color their skin is. just do you Anne and hopefully someday this world will realize there is only one race which is the human race. Feel proud of yourself dear, you are beautiful inside out and amazing.


  2. I think we all just need to be kind to one another. I cannot stand the people who judge people on the color of their skin, or who they want to love, or any of that. There’s enough garbage going on in the world–we need to be kind!

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    1. Kindness indeed its what will save his our race. beneath the skin color we are all made of blood, bones , vein and a heart which doesn’t make us no difference from each other but why do one race have to be subject to brutality… it is sad. you are amazing Amber and keep spreading the kindness to everyone around you, people need it. Thanks for reading, i am humbled


  3. We are all humans and need to start treating each other with love and compassion. I can not believe we are still fighting all the same old problems. We are all one race, the human race.

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    1. You couldn’t have said it any better Claudia, and i appreciate your view on this sensitive topic. hopefully someday this world will be a free place for people of color.Thanks for reading dear, you are amazing….


  4. It is absolutely unreasonable for the blacks not to be treated fairly. I really don’t know why someone can take an instant dislike on people just because they are black. So glad to see you voicing your concern like this. Hope you can always be as strong as you are now!

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    1. It is a dream, i wonder if there will ever be a world of equality, for now, we just have to be hopeful for the future. Thanks for reading though, i appreciate it.


  5. I’m baffled and angry. Why can’t people just get on with each other? The recent rise of the far right (also known as the ‘far wrong’) here in the UK and in the US sickens me.

    What is wrong with a bit of kindness, irrespective of colour, religion,sexual preferences? I just don’t understand bigotry and never have.

    This old white guy would simply like to give you a hug.

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    1. I wonder if racism will ever end and there will ever be a day where blacks will be judged on what we are capable of than being judged on our skin color. Thanks for reading thought, btw… i am coming for the promised hug, bookmarking

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    1. It really sucks, but that the world we live in now. Its like a crime to be black. I wonder why they hate on us though. Thanks for reading, i appreciate it.


  6. This is a great topic. In my opinion no one should be superior over anyone else no matter skin color, race, or sex. Sadly it is up to the parents etc to teach peace, love, and happiness. There is always going to be those that are ignorant and never walked in others shoes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  7. I must say as a fellow black person I am either ignorant to racism behind me or just fortunate never to have it ‘bad’. But I also believe in not letting other people determine how I progress in life because if the colour of my skin.
    I have been to South Korea 4 times and will be going again and though I have experienced some sort of racism its nothing compared to what others have experienced in lager places like America.

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  8. I live in Europe and have met a lot of racist Europeans. I think when people have no exposure to people who look different than they do, they just do not know what to think or how to act. I aupaired for a Czech family outside of Prague this summer. One day race came up in conversation and I asked them if they would ever have an African-American aupair (they have American aupairs to help their kids practice English). The father of the family just told me no straight up. “I’m not racist but we live in a village and I’d wonder what the neighbors would think.” Yeah okay … that is the definition of racism. Denying someone something solely based on how they look. I have other stories about blackface in Spain. Just look that one up. It’s shocking.

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    1. it is indeed shocking but most people tend to be ignorant of the fact that racism exist just because they are of a different skin color and haven’t experienced it. racism is when you are turned away from a work you are qualified for just because you are black, it when people stare at you on a side walk in a country where there have been stereotypes about black and being turned away from enjoying basic necessities because they are black. well it the world we live in now and hope it gets better in the near future. thanks for reading dear.


  9. Great article. But before you research racism online, try talking to real people. Im from the US and there is a lot in the media about racism on both sides, but I’m not really seeing it in real life. Im not saying it doesn’t happen because you can fin a jerk or two in any situation and I certainly don’t deny that racism exists in our country because it absolutely does. But the majority of the people I know don’t seem to be hateful. My point is, don’t let allow media to help you form an opinion because they cause more problems just to have a story. As far as the jerks of this world, I’m sorry you’re forced to deal with them.


    1. i have been a victim of racism and wrote this article based on that and only gave reference to my fellow blacks who had experienced a situation in a particular country. i do talk to real people and not just write things i dont know. thanks for sharing your view though as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


      1. Oh no! I did not mean anything all to imply that you did not talk to people. I’m so incredibly for coming off to you that way. I was only referring to the “review”, which in America usually means online review. And if you took an online review at this moment, it probably wouldn’t be pretty because of the media.
        Honestly, I’m only speaking as a white lady in a predominantly white farming area. I agree with the article. I was just talking about the current media situation in our country . I’m so sorry if I sounded controversial.

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  10. Hey, sis. Racism can be frustrating and confusing. I’ve experienced strange things during my time in Kentucky. Ugly things too. So I understand your desire to avoid racism at all costs. I also lived in South Korea, and I have to say, the few strange things that happened to me there can’t compare to the many, many great moments I had. I simply loved Korea and would have stayed longer if not for my schooling. (Do a search for Sam Okyere, a Ghanian in Seoul. He talks about his experience with racism. They LOVE Sam over there, but of course, that doesn’t mean racism has disappeared in South Korea.)

    There’s an excellent book called Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. It talks about how anti-black racist ideas were manufactured and how they spread, beginning in Africa. There is also a book called Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority. Both help us understand why people (including blacks) are racist against blacks.

    The best thing, I guess, is to know who you are and keep being a beautiful person, no matter where you are in the world.

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