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Yesterday I had to go to my old school for my certificate for my college application, never  did it cross my mind I will ever be going there after a series of unfortunate events which happened to me and made school un memorable. From being constantly sacked from class for unpaid tuition to me being exempted from the dining hall list for another unpaid tuition and lurking around hungry and feasting on the aroma of the food evaporating from the dining hall. Memories of being the bright girl who couldn’t pay anything tuition related and was 8o percent home 20percent in school. It was hard to make friends, nobody wanted a burden on them, financially and on their food and I was that kind of person keeping to myself, biting my nails and always making sure to be far away from the bursar at much as possible. One memory which I could never forget is being sacked from the dining hall when Priscilla a friend sneaked me in on her table of nine of which one was absent but a glutton boy on the table wouldn’t have me there so he just told the dining hall prefect and I was kicked out the hall, I guess that was when Mr. Thomas my house four teacher took notice of me. Always looking at my petite body and round face helplessly with nothing to do but leaving me his left over food sent at the stuff. The incident at the dining hall made me quiet popular as that girl who couldn’t pay and I just kept in my lane making sure not to step on someone toes not to be reminded of the fact that I couldn’t afford tuition. I could have just packed up and went to stay home like my mum suggested but I just wanted to pass through the system even though I was missing most of my classes  which will guarantee a failure in my chosen course but the persistence spirit in me kept me going. Four years of humiliation I completed with debt waiting for me which I knew I will never go back for my certificate but yesterday I went.

I woke up at 5 am dressed up and booked ride with uber to the bus terminal. So much have changed over the years I was out of Ghana that I was clueless on where the bus station had moved to that the uber driver who was unprofessional and suck at navigation kept making us going round and round just to find the entrance to the station. After sometime when I couldn’t handle it, I made him pack and decided to walk making sure to rate him a two star and complain about how unprofessional and how he sucks at navigation. Finding my way to the bus to Kumasi was easy and the price was less than I expected a 25ghc which made me wonder why but I just paid and went, walking to the bus people just kept staring. On boarding the bus .I instantly knew why it was cheaper and that I was picking a below luxury bus which meant an uncomfortable journey and that I had missed the other station due to the driver not knowing there. I was the last person to board and as I looked for the 49 seat I realized a lady was occupying and I knew not to argue but just sit on the available one which as much as it was uncomfortable I had to manage if only I wanted to make a return journey back to Accra than waiting for the next bus. The bus was filled with majority of people who were obviously returning to their village from visiting Accra on the weekend some of them had kids they couldn’t afford a seat for and I really felt uncomfortable as the kids stood the whole of the trip hanging on the rims of seat just to stand and another kid sleeping whilst standing, Ghana is still poor and nobody knows when we will revive as the below average Ghanaian can’t pay a seat for her two sons…………..TO BE CONTINUED.



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