Ever since I got back home i have been making observations at how people relate to me. From the lady who sells fruits down the streets to the cab driver i pick, they all have on view on me ‘highborn, rich ,classy’,which is frustrating at times as am none of the above. I don’t dress fancy neither do i wear expensive clothing but yet am deemed in that light. People approach me with English and when i reply with the local dialect i am met with surprised puzzled looks as if am not supposed to speak it. One cab rider asked how i learnt to speak the local dialect,  there and then i lost my self-esteem and gathered all the calmness i could muster at that moment and replied ,’ i am a black Ghanaian who was born and bred here how can i not speak my own language? What is wrong with you people/. He looked at me in his rear view mirror as if to examine me before speaking ‘sorry ma, but you don’t look Ghanaian’ adding salt to the wound bored into me for my mistaken identity. I made him drop me right there and then even though i hadn’t reached my destination. Why is my nationality being questioned in my own country?

Prices of goods are sold to me unreasonably high that most times when I try bargaining for a reduction am told i don’t look like someone who should bargain over prices as if i had a money tag engraved on my forehead. Cab divers charge me at high prices even for the smallest distant covered that  its having a toil on my pockets .I started picking über which will charge me on kilometers and not on my first impression i had on the driver. I started buying at the supermarkets and malls where prices are fixed on items but yet some tellers wouldnt not give me my change after shopping as if they are entitled to it with the bold ones asking me to buy them an ice cream. At least is better than those charging me high on low goods. I then started asking people  I meet about their honest first impression on me and it’s always the same ‘rich,classy and highborn. As much as i hate those tags I enjoy the special treatments i receive at places i vist and the respect associated with it and sometimes the attention.One cab driver when asked his impression on me said he couldn’t have been able to talk to me if i hadnt started talking to him first. Oh GOD poor Jossy out here having huge impression on people.

I don’t know if i should enjoy this tags and mistaken identity or it might be a blessing in disguise i am yet to know. Till then i will scream to who ever cares to hear , i am but a common Jossy who is a Ghanaian. They can question anything but not my nationality, i live for it!!!!


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