So last night with my usual boredom I was trolling on the internet absent-minded not looking for anything specific ,opening and closing taps and clicking links till one particular page caught my eye. I think it was Ghana the article in relation to which really made me pay attention to it besides i love my homeland and like defending it. It was a site called a dating review and frankly the first two comments i read, i found it to be men who were searching for love and been scammed  and were licking their wounds.

It was funny at how most of them had turned all their anger and frustrations on the entire female population of Ghana when the probability that they weren’t even scammed by a girl is one hundred percent possible. One particular angry commenter was so pissed that he classified us as trolls and I found it quite hilarious. Each of them had their own unique stories which as absurd as it may sound was really true and i knew i couldn’t defend my Ghana. i went on to reply them by telling  them to wise up and not send financial aids to people they haven’t met but instead invest it in buying my eBook from amazon but my comment was considered a spam as i posted a link to my book. As i laughed out hard about it i had a deep sense of thought over the issue and wanted to address it.

It is hard enough for people to put themselves out there trying to look for love and others taking advantage over it and trolling over their vulnerabilities. Growing up in Ghana I had seen all kinds ,manners and ways most of the Europeans are scammed by young jobless boys posing as ladies with pictures they had picked somewhere and luring this innocent and unsuspecting men fall in what i call internet love.  That is when the stories begin,i need money to pay my tuition,i am broke,my laptop is malfunctioning, my phone isn’t working correctly and i don’t have enough money to fix it. These men who are in love send the money to them as an act of love but o this young boys its  stupidity of the sender and the call him ‘mugu’ which in Nigerian terms means the fool,pretty pathetic right?

These scammers are a good judge of character and personality that they are able to fish pout the old lonely ,rich men who are either divorced or never married and interested in dating an African girl. They keep taking money from ‘their clients’ as some of them call them and enrich themselves here whilst Mr lover man in Europe is completely in love with a picture.  I know most friends I grew up with who took it as a full-time job when it became popular back then and their age mates were making money Out of it.most of my classmates dropped out of schooling trolling through dating websites just to find an old white man to scam. It’s no wonder most dating sites are blocked in Ghana.

I must say people enriched their life and lived lavish lifestyle and funny enough it was never a lady behind the desktop.  About a few years ago when people started becoming aware that there are scammers from this part of the world,they would like to talk to  the girl to really see its a lady  they were chatting with to be in the know. I remember having those conversations for one of my classmates who always bought me my favorite African cuisine by the road side when I had no idea he was making money from it.i think he scammed my voice Others asked for webcam chats and but yet this boys always found a way to remove any doubt from their client’s mind.

It went on and on till finally the reports most of this dating sites were receiving  from their scammed members were too much that they had to take Ghana off their site. Which is a disadvantage to my fellow Ghanaian girls who are genuine and have the desire to marry a Caucasian man.and I am truly sad my beloved country had been tarnished in that aspect to the extent that we are being called trolls by a man i wasn’t even there when he was scammed.

Yet still scamming and cat fishing is going on in Ghana as this boys have found other ways of using technologies to change their locations and still get unsuspecting people to scam. I find this boys so disrespectful and lazy that even with all the money they had scammed ,they can’t make a better life for them themselves and are always desperate when a supposed money is not through.

There are different types of scams going on not only in Ghana but around and the few i had witness make me in the know of a lot of this things from the forged papers claiming a land full of gold to the pictures showing an orphanage and organisation. it’s all a whole topic of its own but i just want you all to be on the guard not to be scammed by this guys who scamming is their life,and to those men who due to bad reviews about Ghana as a scam zone you are not giving the young Ghanaian lady a chance,why don’t you get to know her when at least she isn’t asking for money or help?LOL…..

Like I had stated earlier,always get to know what is really is and who you are really talking to as scamming and cat fishing is real in Ghana ,sadly.
























12 thoughts on “CAT FISH OR LOVE SCAM

      1. Because you blog in English, I wondered weather you live in Ghana yourself or maybe somewhere else in the world with roots in Ghana 🙂

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  1. First your complain why they call Ghanaians scammer, then you confess that majority of young boys in Ghana do this as a job and due to number of scams dating sites are filtered for Ghana!
    Can’t we say Ghana is scammers den?


    1. can we say all Muslims are terrorists just cause a few are ?and can we say all whites are racists just cause a few are? so you try to base the act of a group of people to condemn a whole country? i am shocked at your comment though as its unrelatable

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