Have you ever experienced a situation through sleep like being suffocated where you couldn’t fight back and instances where it felt like you are being attacked by demons and you try screaming but no one hears your voice and you feel like you are choking? Well its sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon during which an individual is unable to move during falling asleep or awakening but is aware of their surroundings .it is often accompanied by frightening hallucinations to which one is unable to react to because of paralysis and perceived physical experiences such as a strong current running through the upper body. I have experienced it on several occasions and it was damn scary and unexplainable to someone who hasn’t experienced it. Sometimes my experiences include hallucinations such as a supernatural creature suffocating or terrifying me accompanied by feeling of pressure on my chest and difficulty breathing. Just the thought of it now even sends shivers down my spine.
Sometimes I experience a menacing shadowy figure standing over me or lurking into my room when am paralyzed and couldn’t let out a scream. It’s truly a scary and weird experience. Most times during this experience there are sounds like whispers and roars often voices which are accompanied by intense emotions like fear and panic. Mostly I have sensations of being dragged out of my bed or falling and when it finally ends am surprised am still on the bed.
My African roots says is caused by supernatural beings and mostly happen when I sleep face up and the spirits think am dead and decide to mess with my body. So I started sleeping face down which actually works. But the science world has a different outlook on it stating it’s caused by lack of enough sleep and people with mental issues. I have never had any mental issue and wonder what then the explanation for mine is. As it wouldn’t be lack of sleep as mine always happen when am in a deep sleep.
It’s twisted and complicated than a nightmare and I would always choose a nightmare over it as sometimes it feels like I woke up dead. The hallucinations are the worst part of it and the fact that you couldn’t wake up yourself make it weird and creepy, it feels as if it decides when to end. So then is sleep paralysis caused by supernatural beings or it’s just a sleep disorder?


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