LIFE is like a public transport bus,at the start of its journey it has a destination in mind.passengers get on when the know the destination its headed and the route it will take.There are some passengers who get off a few minutes into the journey to pick another bus.There are other passengers who get off a few hours later as they had gotten to their destination.
Along the way,they are passengers who get on as others get off.But there is always that one passenger that is going the same destination as the bus.Sometimes during the journey,the bus might break down,some angry passengers will get off talking their fare to join another bus and there are the few who will wait for the bus to be fixed before continuing the journey.
Almost at its its final destination,the driver realizes the bus is only occupied by a few people whom he didn’t start the journey with and gets surprised. Such is the everyday life we live.
There are many friends and loved ones who we will start our life journey with as our supporters.Many of our friends and families leave us to support other people and there are those loved ones who go because they feel they have achieved what they want in life leaving us alone.
Along the journey of life we meet different people who support and help us in ways unimaginable and there are those who wouldn’t help no matter how long they had known us.But sometimes there is one particular loved one who who was always there for us at the start of the journey and will be with us till the end.
Most times in the journey of life we encounter problems,tribulations, disappointments and there are those friends who will leave us because of our problems and there are those who will help us get back up and continue the journey.When we finally achieve our dreams we look back to see they people who stayed with us and are surprised to see there are different faces than those we started with.But just know you are the driver of your life and you choose the destination you want to go and the kind of passengers you want to ride with as the kind of passengers determine how fast we will get or how slow we will get as we are all but passengers of life.

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