Do you know the queasy heart racing gut wrenched feeling you get when you are scared or feeling anxious about a particular situation? That was exactly how i felt over a situation in my life and for over six months i was living in fear of the unknown. i became a slave to my fears as it controlled ,my emotions,thoughts and reactions which sometimes leave me in a series  of depression  and stress. it was then i knew fear as the unpleasant strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of  danger. The anticipation and fear i had built around my situation was so strong that at the mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine and i made sure to avoid addressing it even though it stared at me every angle i turned. what was my worst fear,i will  address later in another post. my worst fears were something i really wanted it  to happen and get over and done with but it's also was something i was scared off which makes it more complicated than it already was. In my situation i felt haunted by my fears  and was pushed to the edge that i felt i couldn't take it anymore and facing it was the only solution.below are a few steps i followed to enable me face my fears after searching them online.

  • learn more about what you fear;the better you are able to understand your fears,the better your chances of feeling less anxious about it.in my situation i sat down to list down the factors that make up my worst fears and i realize i felt less anxious doing that.
  •  challenging my negative and unrealistic thoughts and thinking about things i fear and learning more about it. i went through the internet searching for people with similar situations like mine and learnt everything about it which kept me informed about it making me more relaxed as knowledge of a situation is power and comforting.
  • I visualized and exposed myself to the my fears and imagined what the worst case scenario will be which thereby made me prepared of what was to come.
  • I accepted what i fear and learnt to control it instead of it controlling me and stressing me out.
  • most importantly I acknowledged my fears as it is stated what you resist persists and fear can subconsciously  control my behavior.
  • meditation with deep breathing exercises when am stressed out to prevent me from being depressed.                                                                                                                      The above steps which I found on some search engines helped me to face my fears easily and i triumphed over it.facing fear is like victory for the soul.you should imagine the worst  and visualize a happy place which gives you the strength to go through with it.
  • what is your worst fear?
  • how did you face it?                                                                                                                    I would like to know.please share your thoughts and comments over it if you had experienced such situations and how you broke through.

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