Growing up in Accra- Ghana is one of the memorable  days of my life laced with its embarrassments, disappointments, heartbreaks and its happiness .  Sometimes i lie awake in bed revisiting those days when i was a bubbly naive girl trying to make it. There  are untold stories surrounding each step i made to my self discovery ,some of the bad and ugly stories, i try hard to forget but one such  story i never seem to erase from my memory  was my bitter incident with google maps.

I had just completed college and was on a job hunting course. Unemployment was high back then and i was already exhausted with the countless job interviews i had gone but never a call back. It was not until  one weekend i got an  email from a  job interview i had attended a few weeks ago. It read i had been shortlisted with 3 other applicants and the venue of the interview changed from the previous one which the start time time was given at 9 am and ending at 10 am . I was overjoyed  and  prepared my clothes and files down the previous night.  The next morning i realized i had much time left till 9 am and the location they had attached to the mail in a map indicated the  its only a few kilometers away. At 8:30 in the morning i was ready and decided against taking the local bus ‘trotro’ which really is a nightmare when you are in a hurry. The Rickety old buses with relatively cheap fares, a time waster and a clothes shredder. well it did shred my clothes once with those sharp edges poking out from everywhere due to works of unqualified mechanics wanting to make quick money.

Aside that the conductors are really greedy and might pack five people on a four seat which i wasn’t prepared to go through to crumple my clothes i have spent some much time to make it look sharp, neat and presentable. I stopped a cab and asked him to follow the directions google has given just as i saw in the movies  forgetting that Ghana isn’t as developed as western countries.Most homes still don’t have addresses, roads don’t link to roads  where following exactly what the map said might make you end up at a point of no return stuck, more reason why it’s never advisable to use Google map to locate a place in Ghana. I paid thrice the fare to the cab driver on arrival at the venue since the map kept making us take long treks and in circles when the actual place was only 5 km away from home, we ended up covering much more distance and I couldn’t get the job as the interview had already ended when i got there.I was obviously late for the interview and paid a hefty fare. Not to waste any more money, I trekked home and was angry at no person than  Google map which wasn’t even a human.

That evening I slept on an empty stomach as I was pretty angry and my siblings didn’t dared to  call me for  dinner as they feared I might scream at them as i always do when am pissed; my pride and ego was big enough I couldn’t ask where my food was when i calmed down. well i vowed never to trust google maps in Ghana.

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