My stomach started growling now as I was hungry, I peeped through a hole in the wooden door surveying the compound where my eyes could see. There were three rooms next to mine in the same line and mine was last I realized. On the far end was a bigger room and next to it was a cage holding the cattle’s. Directly opposite my room were four small rooms I believed were kitchen with smoke rising from it roofs dancing in the wind. On the entrance of the compound was trees planted in line.

It was pretty lively from the ceremony last night with a small crowd sitting under the tree drinking and lazing around, am sure there were there to catch a glimpse of the bride which was brought in last night .I saw the young wife from last night coming from the kitchen in direction of the room I was in with covered plates I guessed were food on a tray.

I remembered how hungry I was and I quickly threw myself on the bed pretending to be asleep when she was near the door. I shut my eyes when I heard her open the door from the outside and I listened as she placed the food on the table in my room and sat on the low stool .she was just sitting there not trying to wake me up and I could feel her eyes on me.

I wondered what was going through her mind not waking me. Was it pity she felt for me of jealousy. I was tired of pretending to be asleep as the aroma of the food teased my stomach and I remembered how hungry I was. I woke up abruptly and she broke out in laughter which really surprised and angered me at the same time.

I know you weren’t sleeping’, she said ‘I heard you run to the bed when I was at your door’. Well I was busted and just giggled not cause of happiness but for the food.

She went on to say’ no need to be shy, eat after I will show you around and teach you everything you need to know about this house’.

I wondered what it was to know about the house and wasn’t listening to her talk as all I thought about was what my fate was going to be like without mama by my side. After eating she opened the cabinet which I had already gone through and I could see excitement on her face as she took the fabrics out to examine it. She was happy about it and was quite surprised when I showed no trace of excitement. I just sat on the bed and watched here…suddenly her eyes moved towards the bed searching as if she was looking for something and I wondered what it was. She pulled closer to me as I sat on the bed and whispered

“Did our husband come to you last night?

Did you change the sheets out of embarrassment?

‘I don’t see a trace of blood on it’ she said out loudly.

I was quite surprised about and angry at her question and said so. I replied her

‘I am not going to lay with your husband not my husband’! She was taken aback and replied with a surprised look,

“You should be grateful for changing your family destiny with your bride price’

And was silent afterwards packing the things back into the cabinet hastily and angrily. I wondered what I should be happy about and was surprised at how she found it perfectly normal to be a third wife married to Mr Kunle the grandfather. I was really curious about her and what makes her think marrying at a tender age is saving family and why she doesn’t feel sold. She didn’t sound smart and I guessed that was what her parents told her when she was married off and she felt it was perfectly okay but not for me Naomi .