On getting to the house, which was massive judging from the compound but due to the fog I couldn’t distinguish how many rooms he had or how rich he was. There were his four wives waiting on me. I was brought down swiftly the same way I was picked up and the wives grabbed me fast taking me to a bathroom built beautifully from red rich mud to bath me as if it has been rehearsed.

I was pretty alarmed as I have never bathed with mama and the thought of those eyes looking at me made me feel uncomfortable. I tried fighting but the youngest among them told me to calm as it was tradition and it was only for today.

They took off my clothes and bathed me with herbs as I stood motionlessly without fighting or uttering a word as the conversed among themselves. They took me to a hut which they said was mine and dressed me up in clothes lay out on the bed and put local perfume on me.

They told me to wait for Mr. Kunle. the oldest among the wives went on to advise I should polite and submissive when Mr. kunle visits me and I just stood watching them not replying to her .the youngest among them giggled and said ‘I was just like you when I first came, relax you will get used to it’ .

The thought of me lying with Mr. Kunle who had discoloured teeth and many years older than me didn’t go down well with me and made me even angrier at her comment making me glare at her with all the anger I could gather in my eyes for her to see it.

They left me in my dilemma and anger closing the wooden door behind them with a lock as if I was in prison. I guess it was to prevent me from breaking as they knew I was against being married or maybe it was also part of so called tradition.

I lay down on the bed exhausted from everything that happened so fast and troubled mind. It was a little after dawn when I fell asleep after waiting up to fight Mr. kunle if he dared visit but he didn’t..I was so tired to be able to fight him off if he even had visited. As I drifted off to sleep hoping I will wake up in the morning to realise it was all but a wild dream. My eyes closing as I watched the lantern on the table.