It was already sundown when Alice finished showing me around and I was already hungry. I cooked yam and oil as I always did with mum and I couldn’t eat satisfactory as I missed her.

Later in the evening I sat at the front side of my hut engrossed in my thought and surveyed the compound. Alice bathed her two young sons in front of her room in a basin, Enam the barren one was talking to herself in the middle of the compound beside a fire she created and the eldest was sitting near the fire roasting corn in front of her kitchen.

Nobody talked to anyone and it dawned on me that am somehow going to live a lonely life for all my stay here and I missed mama. I began to imagine what we would be doing if I was back home as memories replayed itself in my head.

I was so in my head that I didn’t notice when my kunle came in and sat in front of his room casting looks around. I watched Alice in haste to serve him running around to suite his satisfaction.

He had barely started eating when the other wives retired to their rooms it was obvious they were intimidated by him for reasons being his constant hitting. What a bully. I saw him casting glances my way which really irritated me. I stood up I went to bathe as I didn’t want to see him.

I dressed up lay on my bed thinking of mama and realized how lonely it was here not having anyone to talk to. I was uncertain about my future and wondered if I could ever find the chance to escape. I went over possible solutions in my mind but I felt none was the strongest and dozed off casting my worries way.

It was a little before dawn when I felt a hand constantly touching my body through my clothes. It couldn’t find its way to open the zipper at the back of my dress and I realized it was getting impatient when its search proved futile. I shot up from my bed but I couldn’t sit up as I was prevented by the broad frame of Mr Kunle.

He prevented me from sitting up and I was alarmed and afraid at the same time.