He pinned me down and I tried screaming whilst he blocked my mouth with his hands which I bit on his fingers. He gave me a dirty slap which made me quiet. I didn’t fight back I will obviously be overpowered; I just wanted him to be over and done with. He raised my dress up and tore off my panties with his hands when he couldn’t take my clothes off and raped me brutally.

I felt a sharp pain ripple through my abdomen and I screamed out loud. I continued crying when I couldn’t take it anymore and started hitting his chest with my hands in a bid for him to stop but he wouldn’t. He smiled down at me with my small frame under him and he reeked of palm wine.

Every movement of his waist up and down me was painful than the previous. I cried till my head hurts badly that all I could do was sob and he kept on going in and out till he reached his peak. He got off me wore his pants smiled and left. That smile on his face made me cry more aside the pain in between my legs as he really won and ruined my future. I lay day crying drenched in my virgin blood and fell off to sleep out of exhaustion when I couldn’t cry no more.

The next morning, I couldn’t get out of bed and lay there in pain with nobody to consol me and I missed mama. I tried getting off the bed but my legs felt numb and sharp pains were making it hard to stand up. I hated Mr Kunle even the more for doing that to me, all I could do was lay there all day till at least I am able to manage the pain…A little late in the morning I felt the door open and looked up to see Alice with sadness on her face. She must have heard my screams last night and was worried.

She asked if I was ok and I just shook my head as tears streamed down my face. She hurriedly went to the kitchen to boil hot water of which she cleaned and cooked food for me. She brought me herbs which she explained will help curb the pain.

The slap on my face last light has created a little lump and I lay there as she massaged it with an ointment. I was grateful for her help and felt like it was mama looking after me one of those days when I was sick. She advised I lay in bed the whole day to regain my strength promising to nurse me back to health. Alice was checking up on me the whole day as I drifted in and out of sleep. When I couldn’t sleep no more, I remember the pain I went through the night before and it traumatized me.