Its been quiet sometime since I posted on here as I was planning my a backpacking adventure I plan on embarking. My first start will be from Mauritius and then to the next destinations accordingly. It was fun planning this trip as I kept thinking of all the fun I will have at all those places especially starting from Mauritius but right now, as I type from my hotel lobby in Maheborg- Mauritius, I don’t feel that excitement anymore and that adrenaline which was rushing down my spine earlier on the onset of the travel is at its lowest point, as I was profiled on the green passport I hold.//
Reading about Mauritius from other travel blogs and getting the impression that it is really a must see place, I planned a trip to this wonderful paradise where I will stay for at least two months and then move on to Madagascar and the other destinations. With Mauritius being a visa free for Ghana for 3 months I felt staying for two months it’s within the time frame to visit all those places I want to see as i wanted to know this country extensively so there I booked a flight. My flight was from my home country Ghana where I transited through Johannesburg and Ethiopia respectfully and for 22 hours of lack of sleep and jet lag I landed at the airport in Mauritius. I was stunned by the view from the plane and even more impressed at their airport and how clean it was. Still in high spirit, I joined the arrival queue to get my passport stamped as fellow travelers were doing in excitement to see this beautiful island but my excitement was cut short when i got to the immigration counter.//
As a normal procedure, I was asked if it was my first time of which I nodded to, if I was travelling alone which was obvious I was am a lone travel but it seemed to raise an eyebrow of the immigration as to why I was traveling alone. Then I explained I being a blogger I was traveling to experience the tourism and blog about it on my website. Then he asked how much money I had on me of which I told him.
Still not satisfied, I was asked of an onward and return ticket which I provided. I had booked the onward flight from Mauritius to Madagascar on a ‘cheapone’ website and printed out the electronic ticket, immediately I gave that to immigration officer he shook his head. I was like is anything the problem of which he said he doesn’t know the website I booked ticket so he would have to confirm, if truly I booked a ticket. All this while I felt it was a normal procedure until i was called to talk to the supervisor . The questions which was thrown at me was like I am being interrogated for a crime or I was being profiled as a potential criminal. From why i choose Mauritius of which I explained fellow bloggers visited, immigration officer asked to see the blogger who visited Mauritius, i was like really? I don’t even know this person, I only follow here as a fellow blogger how can she be a friend to call for you guys to talk to?. I had to open my blog for them to see,my Instagram account and all. All in all due to the constant bizarre and extremely upsetting questions which was thrown at me, i wasn’t allowed to talk neither explain myself, it was as if the immigration officer already saw me in a way and my answer to his questions was irrelevant.//
With this jet lag and lack of sleep I began to crumble slowly, as to why I was being treated that way. The hotel I booked was called so was my flight confirmed until I was allowed go.I had barely walked five minutes when I was stopped by the same immigration officer to open my bag for search. All my carefully packed luggage was scattered, ripped to the very roots of my luggage carrier being checked, at that level, I was like what is really happening, why am I a target clueless on how they seem me as a harm or threat with my petite frame and innocent face. After this ordeal of my green passport and one hour spent in searching my bag, I was finally let go and there was the cab driver waiting for me with my name on placard. He immediately noticed how depressed I looked and said the immigration called hotel thrice and I have been waiting here for three hours. I explained to him how I don’t understand why i was interrogated that much. Then he said, people from your country and neighboring west African countries with your passport have been constantly caught either smuggling drugs or involving in illegal things here in Mauritius so immigration is very tight when you hold the green passport from those countries and you travelling alone, they felt you may be coming to involve in prostitution which most ladies do. I was like really? and he was like yeah giving me details into how people holding my passport have acted.//
I was quiet through out the ride to the hotel, listening to the absurd things fellow passport holders have committed. In my mind i was thinking about this green passport and how I was profiled for holding it due to the crime of other holders. I kept thinking ‘why do some of my African brothers have to spoil it for everyone else? ‘why do they do things for innocent green passport holders be profiled? and when they are treated bad they blame it on racism. This isn’t racism, Mauritius have equally black people but in truth this is the attitude and character of some Africans who want quick money whilst creating a bad name over others and when you are questioned or interrogated you blame it on racism. there is a fine line between racism and being cautious..//
I don’t blame the immigration of Mauritius for doing their work…nein, I blame my fellow west Africans who hold the green passport and misbehave that is making it hard to be seen another holders good intention but rather from where you come from and what other people have done with my passport.
Even though I understood perfectly how the taxi driver explained to me and how the hotel receptionist confirmed same thing, somewhere down in me, my spirit just died. Right at the airport as I felt really bad as to why i was seen based on a green book.//
Aside that, i didn’t fail to notice, how beautiful Mauritius looked and how my hotel was overlooking a beach. right now my sense of adventure is damped but i hope i recover it soon and put the incident behind me.
I will appreciate recommendations on places to visit whilst i recover my sense of adventure. until then, the wolf is out!!!!//

  • I am so sorry you had to go through such a painful and annoying experience. it does not matter if other green passport holder behaved badly in the past. People should not generalize and these officers misbehaved. I am glad you still enjoyed your stay.

    • I tried my hard not to blame the officers for generalizing everyone with a green passport as it might create little disdain towards my trip. i tried to look at it from their perspective of our green passport holders have a tag for being bad and blamed Africa for not creating a good name for itself. Thanks for reading dear.

  • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. Big HUUUGGSS!!! I admire your sense of humor and determination. I wish you all the best.

  • I am so sorry that you had this experience. I hope that the rest of your trip is amazing and free from these kinds of stresses. I cannot wait to hear about all your great adventures!

  • Oh I’m so sorry that happened to you Jossy. I hope our immigrantion officials here treated you better on your stop over to Mauritius. I’m glad it got sorted out though and hopefully you get to enjoy all the beauty that Mauritius has to offer in peace.

    • Well i will say they were just strictly doing their job . Right now, i have already started exploring this beautiful place and have made my own observations. many things i really want to see. Thanks for stopping over and commenting, i appreciate it.

  • I am sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Your gifs described the situation perfectly. I really do hope the rest of your trip is better and that you take many pictures and have better experiences to blog about.

    • I felt sorry for myself the first day and almost broke down in tears when i logged in at my hotel and a dear friend called me where i had to recount my ordeal. All in all i have safely put it behind me and looking forward to what this wonderful island has to offer me as in blog-gable things. Thanks for reading.

  • Sorry that you had to go through this experience. Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to reading a blog that you are in Mauritius and having a great adventure there.

  • I am so sorry to read about the experience you had. I hope that the rest of your trip is free from these kinds of stresses. Looking forward to reading about rest of your trip.

    • Travelling is really life changing, the people you meet and how they influence your life one way or the other.. it all just an amazing experience. Thanks for stopping by

  • I am sorry to hear about what your going through. I hope next time you shared to us your memorable and fun experience in Mauritius.

  • Oh no! I am so sorry that you had such an experience. Being stopped and interrogated by Immigration officers in any country is not pleasant but to have it does in such a way and for so long must have been taxing.


    • It was indeed taxing after 22 hours of travel with transit here and there and barely a sleep.i looked like i could just collapse when i couldn’t even answer them straight and the immigration officer kept questioning, it was really hell and frankly i dot want to experience that again. If in my travels i go to a country which does that to me again, i will just book another ticket to my next Thanks for stopping by to read and i will sure check out your blog.

  • Oh my goodness I feel so sad to hear about your experience, that is really terrible! I would have been in pieces so well done for coping as well as you did, it would be scary for anyone being alone in another country. You are right, they are just doing their job, don’t let it upset you personally. Sadly theres always someone doing something that will ruin another persons experience. Rest up, take it easy and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your trip as you intended to <3

    • It was my first time for traveling alone and experiencing that was really like difficult for me. I broke down emotionally and said to myself i wouldn’t let them ruin the awesome trip i have planned. like i stated they were doing their job but sometimes doing our jobs without thinking of other peoples feelings is completely absurd. i will only plan those other people who always ruin it for us. Thanks for stopping by, i appreciate it

  • I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I know traveling internationally can be difficult already, you never know what will you will run into. I hope you still had a meaningful trip and ended up with some fun things to write about.

    • International travel can be really hard and when you run into this kind of situations you aren’t prepared for after long hours of sitting and jet lags ,you just feel like breaking down which i did in this case. i just wish people will learn to judge others individually and not based on where they come from. Thanks for stopping by to read, i appreciate it.

  • I feel bad for you for going through this bad experience. I understand about countries being cautious but they still have to treat everyone with respect regardless of where he or she comes from. I hope that you will have a wonderful experience for the rest of your trip. I hope that situation will be turned around to become a more enjoyable adventure.

    • i felt bad for myself at how i was treated that the day after, i just slept in be not wanting to explore as my mind kept reminiscing on how badly i was treated by immigration but all in all as the day went by i have started to explore whilst trying to forget the incident. Thanks for stopping by to read, i appreciate it

  • Clearly international travel is not as glamorous as the movies imply it is. I’ve never travelled myself so I really have no idea what it’s like. Thank you for sharing this experience and perspective – it’s definitely eye-opening.

    • The glamourous thing about it is the fun and adventures and pictures but sometimes you just don’t know what you might encounter far away from home. Thanks for stopping by.

  • I am so sorry you had a bad experience with immigration. It sucks how immigration targets people from some countries more than others. I’m Americana and I know we often do the same thing at customs. It really sucks and I’m sorry it happened.

    • I think is about time people are judged on who they are and what they stand for than where they come from as where we come from cant define us. I hope with time the world will learn this and it will be a better place to live in. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on this topic, I appreciate it.

  • Oh!! Sorry to hear about what happened. I hope that the rest of your trip is a much better. Wishing you all the best.

  • I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of this! It’s so unfair how unkind people can be to others. Glad you were able to have a good stay in the end!

  • I am sorry to hear what happened to your trip. There are things that we really do not expect to happen, just like that. I am looking forward to seeing your blog post about your memorable and fun experience in Mauritius.

    • Sometimes does things we don’t expect to experience bruises us in a way. I just hope society grows and learn to be considerate. I am looking forward to having all those fun I plan on and not let that experience hinder me.Thanks for reading

  • Wow, it sounds like one hassle after another? That must have been incredibly frustrating. There is definitely a fine line between cautious and discrimination. I’m so sorry.

    • Yeah there is that fine line between those two elements and I made sure not to mix it up. sometimes people just have to learn to be cautious and not judge others based on where they come from, its just absurd. Thanks for stopping by to read about my experience, I appreciate it.

    • I recovered like three days after, and now just setting out the places I want to visit. it was indeed an awful experience I don’t want to go through again. thanks for reading.

  • I feel your pain and fear while reading your blog post. It really is quite scary to be traveling alone and be profiles like that. But I know you’ll get through this. It’s just one of those things you’ll chuck to your learning experiences as a lone travel blogger. I hope you feel better soon. And enjoy Mauritius!

    • Thanks for stopping by with your kind words, traveling alone has its disadvantages but it just makes you stronger and in all its like an experience

  • I have been planning to travel alone in the future, and reading you blog makes me scared. Especially since I am a female, but sometimes we need courage and let nothing stop us from doing what we do best. I hope you do too. Enjoy Mauritius!

    • Don’t be scared, maybe what happened to me wouldn’t happen to you. you don’t have the hateful green passport but if it does happen you gotta be strong, such things make us grow in life, its all part of life little adventures.

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