She was in and official skirt suit which looked like it used more fabrics due to her body frame. Ellen’s eyes took in the environment of the office. From photographs that adorned the walls with range of year groups of students to the achievements the school had made in the academic world. It seems they had set quiet a standard for themselves academically. Her eyes went back to the name stand on the headmistress table which had been inscribed ‘Mrs. Linda Boyle’. She signed; quiet a beautiful name for a big woman. She chuckled which caused the headmistress to look up at her above the glasses. A stare which was cold that she felt there was something to her than her politeness towards her mother.  The headmistress cleared her throat and asked after a few minutes of going through a stack of papers;

You are Ellen O’Connor ….right? She said in her rather deep voice without looking up.

‘Yes please’ Ellen said whilst she found her voice after the stare.

You applied for general arts with electives as geography, government and history but we changed your history to elective maths considering your good grade in math with the results you applied with.  Mrs Boyle explained.

Ellen heart skipped a beat as she didn’t like mathematics but merely studied harder at it to pass but she couldn’t say anything to the headmistress she knew she could make it if she studied.

Well here are the documents Mrs.  O’Connor.  She said turning her attention to Ellen’s mother.

We have specified the list of items to be bought and the check uniform style she is to sow till we measure her for the school uniform. Please note the uniform should be decent as possible and below the knee. If she brings a uniform which is high above the knee and un appropriate I will send her back home. Mr Boyle said sternly as her mother listened.

Please do well to read this prospectus well as it has the dos and don’ts of the school that if any offence is made that is listed in the school could lead to suspension and if worse being expelled. We have rules and regulations’ we strictly abide by and that is why for all this year’s saint roses has been the go to for academic success and we owe it to our discipline. She explained as Ellen looked on bewilder. She felt the school was not fun as she thought obviously through the message Mrs Boyle was giving out.  It sounded like her mother’s kind of school. Her attention went to Mrs. Boyle as she continued to detail information to her mother.

As it is all girls’ school you wouldn’t have to worry about your child engaging in campus relationships that was when she saw the smile on her mother’s face. Oh crap her mother’s kind of school. Why didn’t she make a research before choosing the school? She didn’t want to go to school where she will feel like having a second mother after her.  She just sat through disappointed waiting to get home and call Amanda so they could talk it over.

Mrs O’Connor, you will have to make payment into the school account through a bankers draft ad please make sure she is here by the first of September to begin class. Mrs Boyle added.

Her mother was all smiles now as she shook hands with the headmistress and headed out to go home. She was silent as they walked to the car but her mother was overjoyed at the school her daughter will be attending. It felt like a school she could trust to shape her daughter when she wouldn’t be around to do so. She knew Ellen her daughter wasn’t happy about the arrangement but she was. Sometimes when she tries to be over protective of her Ellen doesn’t understand why and thinks she hates her but what she didn’t know was how she was preventing her from making the same mistakes as her.