It was exactly how the fuel attendant had told her mother; the school was about a kilometre away from the town. It was situated on an uphill that driving towards it, it looked like a painting in a book, colourful. It was sitting up on hill beautiful with it different mixtures of colour painted on the wall. Getting closer she realised it was walled with a security post at the entrance where it was decorated with well pruned flowers which gave the school a beautiful atmosphere.  After passing through the security which was manned by two uniformed men she realized the school was beautiful and organised than she had imagined even just from the entrance. Entering the school right on the extreme left was a walled plague in the mist of flowers bodily written on it ‘Saint Roses senior high’ with their slogan written beneath’ for body mind and soul’ she smiled to herself satisfied with what she had seen already.

Directly opposite the plague was lawns of tall trees which seemed like it was beautiful arranged with benches painted with different colours beneath it. Next to it was a car park where many vehicles were parked evidently there for the same missions as them.  Next to the plague were well mowed grasses stretching to beautifully structed wired court acting as both basket ball and volley ball court. She immediately fell in love with it. She had always wanted to play basket ball especially with her height she knew she will do fine. She made it a point to sign up for the team when she arrives. Her mother found a spot to park so they continue their journey to the administration building which boldy was written on the storey building ahead of them from the parking lot. Walking towards it, they passed by what seemed like a lounge. It was ultra modern with class doors and all and a sign which read ‘visitors lounge and cafeteria’ she peeped inside surprised to see snacks were being sold.

There were grasses which looked well mowed everywhere with building being decorated by the flowers. She wondered who has been taking good care of them to appear that neat.  Ellen already loved the school even though she had just seen little of it. She saw her mother taking in the environment. There was lack of expression on her face and it was difficult for Ellen to make out if she liked it or not. The school was deserted as the students had vacated except for parents emerging from the administration blocks with their children and a stuck of papers in hand. She knew they will be reopening soon with them starting as first years. As they got the administration waiting room where the secretary was sited they realised there were other parents in a queue also waiting for their turn with the headmistress.  She read the signs on the door of two closed offices; ‘Assistant head master’ and ‘records’ .She couldn’t contain the excitement and wanted to so badly stroll around but her mother wouldn’t allow her all she had to do was sit down patiently and wait for their turn.

Finally it got to their turn.   On entering the headmistress rose up to greet her mother. She shakes hands with her mother and shared pleasantries’. She inquired about where they were coming from and how the journey was.   She seemed polite even with her deep voice. The headmistress was like the biggest and tallest woman she had ever met. She stood at approximately six feet high with a big body to go with it. She had her spectacles perched on the bridge of her nose it was difficult to determine whether she was looking through the glasses or not.