Mrs Nortey was amazed at the number of students who had turned up for their results. It seemed everyone was anxious about their results and the grade they had scored, mostly the students were curious as to know if they had gained admission into the senior high or not. As she got down from her car and walked to the office she felt all eyes on her. As the students, she was also anxious if they had all passed being the first batch under her since she was appointed headmistress. She walked briskly to her office and was happy to see the box with the waec indications on it; it showed the results were in. She quickly sat down and took out scissors’ to open the box. She was quite pleased with the summary of the results addressed to her, almost all the students have passed and had gained admission into the senior high, she was happy the extra tutoring she had made the teachers put through to adequately prepare the students worked. Now she could relax before calling the students in for their envelope.

It’s been over ten minutes since the headmistress had walked in and it seemed like forever for the students especially Ellen and Amanda. The just sat wondering what was keeping her from calling them or was it that they had failed miserably that she was annoyed to call them. It wasn’t possible but anxiousness could make you think a lot of things unimaginable.  After about twenty minutes later, the headmistress secretary walked up to address them. She asked them to line up alphabetically as their name for their results. As the head mistress came out with a smile on her face, they knew instantly they had passed or maybe it was just a smile due to courtesy. Names were called out and students were warned to take results to their parents before opening it but the headmistress as everyone knew the students will definitely open up before they got home. Amanda and Ellen patiently waited for their turn and finally their names were called. As they were dismissed, she walked off with Amanda as the other students to find out how they did. They offered a silent prayer before opening, tearing up the brown envelope and bringing out the results. They ignored their grades and moved on to the school. Lo and behold they had all been admitted into the same school. Saint rose’s senior high in the eastern region.

They must have screamed out loudly as all students turned to look as they hugged themselves jumping with happiness. Gaining admission into the secondary school was important than their grades and they couldn’t be any happier. Some of the students weren’t obviously pleased with the school which offered them admission but for Ellen and Amanda it felt as if they had won lottery. They bid goodbye to some of their equally happy friends as they walked home. First they went to Amanda’s house to celebrate before she went home to her own family.  They were busting with excitement already talking about the fun they will have that they were shocked how soon they had arrived at Amanda’s house. Amanda had already called her mother and sisters to break the good news to them so they weren’t surprised when they heard music being played from her house as they got closer.

Already Amanda’s mother was making preparations for a celebration for them. She was overjoyed and was a party person always looking for an occasion to organise a party. She hugged them tightly and told them how fun they were going to have. Ellen spent the rest of the afternoon in Amanda’s house forgetting to go home and break the news t her family as they would not celebrate it like how Amanda’s mother had done. At around 7pm  when the party was over, she called her father to pick her up at Amanda’s house when he was going home, luckily for her he was still in town and picked her up at Amanda’s house after sharing what seemed like a long pleasantry with Amanda’s mother.