God! She just hated this girl. She always wanted to be the centre of attention not allowing anyone to talk. When one of the excited girls wanted to pass a comment over something she immediately shut them down. This was the main reason why she never was friends with her. She decided staying with the group will get on her nerves and spoil her mood and walking away will be better. ELLEN sat under the trees with bench whilst she waited patiently for the headmistress to turn up or maybe her friend Amanda  so both of them could have conversations where each other will be allowed to have to a say. She pulled out her phone to call Amanda and ask where she was when suddenly she heard her name being called by a familiar voice. She rose up her head just in time to catch sight of Amanda running towards her from the car which just dropped her off at the car park. ‘Hey kitty’ she said with a sign of excitement in her voice. Kitty was the pet name Amanda called her. She waved to her and beckoned on her to come over.

Amanda has been her childhood friend which they had attended the same school together and had play dates. She has been the only friend who stuck when her when her mother tuned her other friends away. They used to joke over how her mother acted and they had chosen the same schools hoping to gain admission  then they could have the kind of fun and experience boarding house without Ellen’s mother interference. Unlike Ellen’s mum Amanda’s mum was open to her having lots of friends.  She had a different approach to rising up a child which was just superb. She will organise parties for Amanda’s friends to come over and have fun. Amanda can stay over at her friends and sleep over without hell breaking loose but Ellen’s mother was far different.  Amanda’s mother having stayed overseas for all her life  and felt girls should be allowed to make their own choices where mothers are around to give advices to them. Her two older daughters have turned out just fine so why should she be any different in rising up Amanda. Amanda’s father was living in the United States and only visited on Christmas, like his wife he had the same perspective and Ellen thought they were loving and cool parents. Amanda’s mother auntie Lucy owned a chain of shops which dealt in retail clothes. She had two older sisters who were really fun to be around and knew more about senior high and the popular boarding house life. Ellen always wished Amanda was her sister so they will live together and be free like her.

As Amanda got closer she couldn’t wait and closed the gap between them. All of them not able to contain their excitement spoke almost at the same time and burst out laughing. Amanda regained her composure and said still with traces of excitement;

‘Oh kitty I am so happy’…. I just hope we get the same school’ she said whilst sitting down on the bench Ellen was sitting on earlier.

Yeah dear, that is what has been on my mind since I heard the results were out. Ellen replied.

‘Don’t worry kitty we will get in. Even if we get separate schools my mother will find a way to move me to where you are’ Amanda said smiling.

Ellen knew Amanda’s mother will do anything to make her daughter happy which really make her not doubt what she was saying. With their kind of money a few strings pulled at the Ghana educational service will make her have her way.

As they settled in on  how school will be, they headmistress car drove into the campus and all attention was on her.  Ellen was so involved in her conversation with Amanda she didn’t notice almost all her classmates had arrived. Everybody was hopeful.