‘No mum’,’ I mean yes ‘Ellen replied. Realising her mother wasn’t happy with her answer she added;

I choose different sets of school and she only had this school in common with me. It’s not my fault she got the same school as me.   She said whilst shrugging her shoulder hoping Amanda will get closer soon but she was a meters away from getting there and she knew she will receive a bashing from her mother or if possibly cherry her mother’s only friend.

Titi, why you blaming you daughter for getting the same school with a friend?  Cherry surprisingly asked her mother which shocked Ellen. Titi was another pet name cherry called her mother. Cherry always come up with funny pet names for people which she will use for a few days and drop them. Ellen couldn’t keep count of the names as it changes from lollipop to peanut, it was just endless.

‘You should be happy she already has an old friend who will support here than spend days trying to make new friends’. Cherry added hoping her friend will drop the topic and let her poor daughter be. She knew her friend have had a hard past and trying to make sure her daughter doesn’t make the same mistakes she did but she feels is too hard on the girl not allowing her to be herself. Her friend has gone overboard by sacking all of Ellen friends and not allowing her to have play dates. She has watched Ellen trying so hard not to lose this her friendship with Amanda but her mother was still an obstacle. Cherry wished her friend would just let Ellen have her life and make her own choices and learn from them but anytime she talks to her friend over it she just doesn’t listen. What her friend doesn’t know is children aren’t brought up that way. The more you push them to abstain from things, the more they want to try things when they get the chance.

‘You know cherry I just don’t like the girl and the way her mother brought her up’. Mrs O’Connor said obviously upset her friend didn’t support her.

‘Amanda’s mother gives her freedom and I didn’t bring Ellen up that way’. Mrs O’Connor added looking at her friend and partially forgetting Ellen was standing there. ‘I don’t want her to be pressured by friends to make the same mistakes I made when I was her age. Mrs O’Connor said before realising it was too late and has said enough when Ellen looked at her sharply and asked

‘Mum what mistakes’ Ellen immediately saw the uneasiness in her mothers demeanour as auntie cherry pretended to call someone on her phone. Ellen needed to know the mistakes her mother made and asked again ‘mum what mistakes’ her mother who wasn’t prepared to answer was saved by Amanda who had gotten close by then.

Amanda looked charming as usual in the same blue pleated uniform Ellen wore.

‘Hey kitty you got here early,’ Amanda addressed her friend who appeared off in mood to her.

‘We got stuck in traffic and my mum was finding it difficult to locate the school. Amanda said trying to explain to her friend why she was late hoping to brighten her mood up but there was no change, she wondered what was wrong with her.

You came with your mum? Mrs O’Connor asked as if not happy with the information.

Sorry aunties, I should have greeted earlier, Amanda said politely.

Yeah I came with my mum. Amanda said replying Mrs. O’Connor’s question.

Just as she was about turning to point in the direction their car was parked, her mother got off drawing everyone on the campus attention to her.