Ellen laughed off Amanda’s comment. Amanda was always carefree about everything.

‘Hey kitty, I got to go now my mother is ready, see you there. Amanda hanged up.

Ellen looked forward to seeing her friend. She went through her phone and switched it off as Amanda was the only she always talked with.  At about ten minutes later, her mother was finally ready. She took her back pack ad waited as the maid and gate man packed her things into the car. She bid goodbye to her younger siblings and her father who was getting ready for work and the maid and security. Finally they were on their way.

‘Hey Ellen, I am going to pick up auntie cherry at junction’.  Her mother said.

‘She is going with us’. Ellen only nodded she knew her mother didn’t want a quiet ride.

Mrs O’Connor wanted to so badly talk to her friend cherry about things that were going on with her on their ride back home after they drop of Ellen. She has been suspecting her husband has been cheating on her as she has been hearing him on the phone a night having conversation with someone and laughing over it. She knew Fred her husband had met someone when he had changed his attitude completely towards her over the years. That was why she ha called cherry.

They picked up auntie cherry at the junction where she was waiting. Ellen went to the back seat as her mother’s friend sat at the front. The journey to the school was boring for her but not for her mother. She had conversations all the way with her friend talking about the latest trends and dress which she wasn’t interested in. She had slipped in and out of sleep that finally when they had gotten to the familiar petrol filling station was when she sat up. She knew the school was close.

‘What a colourful school ‘auntie cherry exclaimed when the school was in plain view on the hill. Today the gates were wide opened as cars went in and out. The school looked exactly as it looked the day they visited except that the car park was full and there were students loitering around. They found a space to park as he walked towards administration leaving the things in the car.

Mrs O’Connor went through processing of signing in Ellen and showing proof she had paid the tuition. The headmistress asked them to offload Ellen luggage so she goes through if they bought the exact things. Ellen was just casting glances around hoping to catch view of Amanda among the fresher’s like her who was signing in with their parents but she didn’t see her.

The headmistress after being satisfied with the things and all processing was done asked Ellen to sit with the other students as her mother and auntie cherry prepared to return back to Accra. She walked them to the car and stood there and listened to her mother’s familiar talk of friends and abstaining from bad friends when she heard her name being screamed by Amanda who had just got off their car and was running towards her. Mrs. O’Connor and cherry was shocked which made her ask Ellen sharply before Amanda got close.

‘You chose the same school with that spoilt child?