They got home pretty late after being stuck in traffic for a long period of time. The traffic was crazy as everyone was in a hurry to go home. When they got home her brothers were about to be sent off to bed by their maid and her father was sitting in the sofa watching movie. He didn’t say anything to them as to how long they took or anything. Most times Ellen wondered if her parents loved each other. They showed no affection towards one another and recently she realised her father was sleeping separately in the guest room. But she just didn’t know anything her mother was tight lipped and never told her anything. Maybe the marriage was the cause of her mother’s unhappiness. She was too young to care about adult stuff and right now all she cared about was a hot shower and got straight to bed. Her feet hurt so was her back and hands.

The days after was the busiest Ellen have ever been, just preparing for school. She hadn’t seen her best friend Amanda yet and the only shared information on the phone. Both of them were busy preparing for school.  During those days, Ellen had to go to the dressmaker to make her the prescribed uniform within the shortest possible time and between packing her bags, getting her shoes, and putting everything together. It was so hectic that she felt she needed a week break before school will begin but it wasn’t allowed.  The day before school which was a Sunday, she had gone to church for the last since home and bidding friends and relatives goodbye. After which she passed by Amanda house to catch up on everything. They spent the whole day anxious of what to expect the next day where they will report to school. They both hoped it could be what they have been anticipating. They had thought they will go together but with each having loads of luggage they had to be dropped off separately by their parents. At around 5pm she had to go home and have enough rest as there will be a long journey to school and maybe the last time she will ever share a room alone as it was known room are shared together in the boarding house.

The next morning Ellen woke up earlier than her mother. Maybe it was due to anxiousness she didn’t know. She had taken her shower wore the blue pleated checked uniform which they was prescribed in the box plait the seamstress had sown. She wore the whit shocks and black shoes and stared at herself in the mirror. She smiled at her reflection. Finally, she was going to the boarding house, she rushed to have breakfast and call Amanda before she switches off her phone. She was eating when she saw her mother walk in to drink water.  Mrs O’Connor didn’t seem surprised to see Ellen up early. This girl will do anything to escape home but she trusted the headmistress to look after her well. She had made it a point to particularly tell her to have an eye on her daughter for her as she didn’t want her in any bad company. She had called her friend cherry to go with her as she didn’t want to have a quiet trip again with Ellen as always.

‘I will get dressed soon Ellen’ her mother said.

Ellen called Amanda to talk to her before they met at the school.

Hey kitty are you done already.. Amanda said as soon as she picked the call

Yeah just waiting for my mum to get dressed then we leave. Ellen replied.

Aren’t you anxious Amanda? Ellen asked when she detected the calmness’ in Amanda’s voice.

‘No kitty Amanda replied’, I know I will be seeing you there and it makes me less anxious.