It was difficult finding a place to park even though they had reached their destination. Car parks have turned into hawking space but sellers who are so stubborn that they never leave when they are sacked. People were trying all means to make money and survive in Accra. Ellen saw young girls her age or even below that hawking in traffic and running after vehicles to make sales.  She realised she didn’t have to suffer like that to make money as everything was provided by her family and was grateful to live a privileged life. Finally they found a place to park after paying a fee. Her mother told her to walk beside her so she doesn’t drift away into the crowd where she might get lost. The crowd was even thicker than she imagined when they were in the car. It was hard to walk straight without people pushing you. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. She didn’t like the scenario and felt the crowd was swallowing her as she was beginning to feel dizzy when her mother held her by the hands and dragged her towards a shop which sold suitcases. That was when Ellen let out a breath of relieve.

She stood taking in the environment overwhelmed at how many people were around all going in different directions. Her mother pulled out the list and gave to Ellen.

These are the things we are going to get; in case you spot any of them through the walk you stop me okay’. Her mother said.

It was the most tiresome day in Ellen’s life. The trips they had to make to and fro the market to the car and back to the market. It was as if the list was never going to end. From the metal suitcase to the wooden box which was required to the broom and scrubbing brushes. They had to buy buckets cutlass, bowls spoons and provisions; they even bought hoes which made her wonder what it was for in school. The single mattress, pillows, to the white bed sheets and blankets and mosquito nets. Gosh the list was just endless. They had arrived in Accra at exactly 11 am and by 5pm they still weren’t done. Finally when it was left with the last thing to tick on the list which was the material for her uniform then they had sat down at the roadside restaurant for refreshments. It was obvious they were both exhausted and their feet’s were just killing.

They had barely started eating when they heard someone call her mother’s name. They turned to see auntie cherry her mother’s bosom friend.

Hey you guys, she said whilst approaching them, what are you doing out here? Cherry asked.

Oh cherry we came to get Ellen’s list for school. I must tell you i didn’t think it will be this stressful. My feet are killing me. Her mother said.

Yeah these things are a killer dear; I remember when Alex went last year I was so stressed out by the time he started schooling that I took a whole week off just pampering myself.  Cherry said.

So the conversations followed. Her mother and friend talked about almost everything. It was as if they never run out of what to say.  They talked all the way from the restaurant to the textile shop to buy the fabric and back to the car. At this rate Ellen was just tired and wanted to go home but these two friends never stopped talking. It was as if they are seeing each other for the first time over decades now.  It was not until auntie cherry received a call that made her to be in hurry home, other than that they will still be stuck there whilst her mother and friend just talked.