Ellen woke up late morning reminiscing over how the going to the previous day with her mother went. She had gone through the prospectus during their ride home and was overwhelmed at the things she was supposed to purchase. She would have been jumping up and down excited about her new school if not for the headmistress who had made it sound like a military school.  That reminded her, she had not called Amanda since she returned as she was tired and went straight to bed when they got home. She picked up the phone to call her then she saw the message from Amanda stating she was going to the school with her mother for her own prospectus. She called Amanda and relayed the message  of how the headmistress sounded but Amanda still sounded positive telling her it was a plot they normally do for their parents to trust them with their kids and she shouldn’t worry and just look forward to boarding house. Amanda was always positive with things when she Ellen finds it difficult to accept it. With that information from Amanda she walked into the kitchen to have a first meal of the day.  She met her mother all dressed up in the hall writing a list which she normally does if she is about to go grocery shopping.  Ellen just said her good morning to her and went ahead to have her breakfast and look forward to a long boring day. She would have gone to Amanda’s place if she was around and as she isn’t she will just sleep the day away. Ellen had barely settled in the chair with the cereals she had poured when her mother called out to her from the hall.

‘Hurry up Ellen and get dressed we are going to Accra central’ her mother said

Her mother never goes to the market with her which made her wonder why she was taking her today.

‘What are we going to do there?’ she shouted back.

‘We are going to buy the items in the list they request for you to bring with you to school’ her mother said.

In only a week you would have to report and we have to be fast to get this entire list. Her mother said again.

Ellen thought she was going to have a boring day but it turned out they were going to shop for her and she loved shopping. Especially when she grabs things and her mother doesn’t ask her to put them back. She rushed through the breakfast and went in other room to dress up as she sent Amanda a text of the update.  Her mother was already waiting for her in the car with a running engine. She hopped in buckling the seat belt as the zoomed off to the city.

Accra was bustling with activities as it always has. Hawkers were selling on the pavements making it difficult for pedestrians to pass that they had to walk on the streets just like the cars which was dangerous. No wonder many pedestrians are normally involved in road accidents.  There were all kinds of noises here; from the sellers who bellowed to customers to buy their wares to the bus conductors who screamed out locations to people to join. There was the popular human traffic which could suffocate you if you are not strong physically and the car traffic which was not moving. It was a chaos scene.  Most times there are frequent reports of robberies such as pickpockets and sometimes children being kidnapped which prevented most parents from bringing their kids for fear of losing them in the crowd or to kidnappers.  Her mother told her a story once when she had gone round in circles looking for a particular shop. You could get lost easily here.