Mrs O’Connor sighed, with all this troubles it all made her sad even with their financially comfortable life. It was really true that money couldn’t buy happiness. It’s always her friend cherry who always told her to stay strong and things would get better. If it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t even have driven all the way with Ellen to the school to get her prospectus and get ready for school. Sometimes when she feels she had lost track on what to do due to severe depression, she always turned to cherry who knew the right things to say every time. She had met cherry at the university when she was reading business management. Cherry had a care free and sweet side to her that almost everyone who met her loved her. She had just an amazing personality that when they had shared the same hostel in the university they had instantly hit it off as friends. Cherry has always been there, offering a shoulder to lean on and being like a caring mum she never had. With her being the only child of her parents was most times lonely and with cherry present in her life it gave her strength. She was so engulfed in her thoughts and worries that she didn’t know when Ellen woke up.

Ellen sat up rubbing her eyes and wondering where they were and why they were packed. Her mother seemed to be in a thoughtful mood and there was an aroma lingering in her nose. She stretched and yawned making her mum turn sharply.

‘Hey sleepy missy finally you are awake’ her mum said

As she buckled her seat belt ad tried to veer onto the street to continue the journey back home. She just didn’t want to sit there as Ellen ate with awkward silence as she didn’t know what to talk about with her. Ellen knew this and dint care. Her mother always found ways to distract themselves when they were alone and try to get her busy with something. She just looked outside the car at the young girls who were hawking water in the traffic. Wondering where their parents were and why they had to do that kind of tedious job for little money.

I bought you some hot dogs and fries said her mother without casting a look at her. Ellen stomach was growling by now and as she grabbed the food to eat as her mind went back to their trip to her school.

It was a long a stressful ride back home. The traffic and the bumpy roads made it even more tiring. Finally at around 10pm they got home. Their house was quite evident that everyone one was asleep. Her mother honked the car for the security guy to open. Ellen rushed ahead first hoping to hop in shower and straight to bed as she was tired. She passed through the hall which was deserted and went straight for her room locking it behind her.  Mrs. O’Connor walked in right after Ellen hoping her husband had returned to the bedroom after him continuously spending the night in the guest room for several months now. But alas it was empty same as she left it. It sometimes brings tears to her eyes when at night she has to share the big bed alone. Most time she wondered what went wrong with them. Dropping off her bag, she went into the bathroom sitting in the tab back to her thinking mood as the hot water soothed her nerves.