A WOLF’S TALE……For a few days now, i have been busy with my blog page; re branding.  I was on word press primary subscription which doesn’t allow me install plugins.  The only option was to upgrade before i could install plugins which kind of sucked. I felt my page was boring, with nothing going on but just my raw thoughts. This blogger, wanted a twist that other bloggers had which made their pages  attractive. I just wanted my blog to appear neat, presentable and  more professional  and above all be able to install plugins that am restricted to. I thought my site was boring and depressing and needed a switch up  but  i didn’t know what to do.//

So i sat for hours behind my laptop even though the brightness hurts my eyes and my back ached, all in efforts of  trying to find answer to the re branding of my site  which i am clueless about. Partly , i wanted to monetize it too but didn’t know the how to. Well in my search, i met people who offered help i gladly accepted which i ended up getting mislead which frankly am embarrassed about and dont want to talk more of. #scamalertd//

Long story short, i realized being self hosted comes with all of this features i want and found myself at site-ground . There was scenarios where i had to migrate my domain to them and blah blah blah which i didn’t think about initially when i wanted to self host but its like a package, one doesn’t go without the other. After much readings and search i decided on leaving my domain with word press and just change DNS. It did redirect my site to the new hosting after clearing my cache which i learned how to do from watching a tutorial. I thought i was done and that was it but it turned out there was more to it. Little did i know i was going to turn into a a computer engineer than the writer i am.

I am like, i only want to blog….//

This blogger right here, is new to plugin and activation’s and building a blog site to look professional. I  thought moving it to self hosting, everything will be already set up. In reality you have to put in work for the look you want. I spent a whole day behind my laptop trying to figure everything out. I  am met with figuring out  seo yoasts, to the one signal push plugins. At the end of each day i am exhausted.//

I have more to do the next morning in activation of plugins that is recommended. I never imagined it to be so time consuming. This re-branding leaves me no time to write up posts for my blog. But at this stage am happy to find themes i can customize  to my taste. I feel proud of myself to achieve the look when i check out my homepage. It was at that venture i realized all the hard work wasn’t in vain. Kinda proud of myself!//

I wouldn’t say i know much about building sites now.  But after going through this long process at least i know how to do little things. Which means i without hire a tech savvy to fix broken things for me. This experience is really an exhausting learning process i dont want to go through again.//

I haven’t achieved the look i want as am kind of perfectionist. When i set my mind to achieve something i want ,i complain about the work i have to put in which is lame. Right now i am learning about monetizing my site and trying to learn how to embed codes and all which i am clueless about, but as  i know i will get there. //

Since plugins are the thing, i will be pleased to learn of new ones through recommendations. I will be looking out for referrals on what plugins to install. Do tell me what you think of my new look in the comments below.

And the wolf is out again!!!//

I just love this Gifs……….

  • building websites is such a nightmare to me…. 🙁
    I feel exactly like you, I have a look for the site in mind and cannot stop until I get there but that usually takes me sooooo loooong….

    Good luck!

    *p.s. Love the wolf GIF <3

    • We all want that perfect look for our blog but those long hours are stressful. But slowly with work put in, we will achieve it. Thanks for reading dear, and those wolf gifs give me life….xoxoxo

  • I remember the days when I felt like this. I’ve learned that good writing is more important than perfection of my website. Trial and error is a great teacher. Just keep going and you’ll get things the way you desire.

  • oh dear, this is the situation I am currently in! I am on wordpress and the cost of the business plan with the plugins is insane… however, building my own site is terrifying and I don’t know if I have the patience! Best of luck with your continued learning about your site!

    • The business plan for plugins is insane where as moving to self hosting which will give you all those plugins, building it up is difficult and depressing. but its a learning process little by little i will get there. thanks for reading.

  • I paid someone to build my site for me because I just don’t get it. I have spend hundreds of hours researching it, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

    • It didn’t make sense to me at first, i was like i only wanted to blog not turn into a computer engineer, and the only option was to build it myself than hire services i couldn’t afford. Thanks for reading though.

  • Good to know that after long hours of Struggle you managed to achieve somewhat you want. Self learning is the best and gives you better results . I just love the gifs you used in between. Wolf one looks really cute .

    • Its great to self learn things, at least you can twerk customize to suit your taste.Between those gifs just give me life, and am glad you love them. Thanks for reading ,will sure check out your blog and do look out for my comments.

  • Yes, WordPress pluggings are a pain, I would love to be able to customise my site through plugins but cannot afford the business plan and don’t have the time to go to a self-hosted site. Good Luck on yours

    • The pain and stress to achieve that look we want for our blog but the stress involved is just overwhelming.
      Thanks for reading.

  • I totally agree with you. There was time I went gone with my website, but now I think it’s improved pretty good. I really also admire your patient and your work with website.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • When I was redesigning, it was the same! I just got all the flash backs. But probably not as intense! You surely put in a lot of efforts as you know so much now! And I lived the gifs too!!!

    • Its great when someone could relate to your struggles. Those gifs are great though and i love it as much. Thanks for reading.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I am partially proud of the work i have done on this blog. it sure will be worth it in the end with all the work.

    • I just love gifs, main reason why i wanted to be self hosted so bad, it just makes a post amusing. the moving is the easy part but building a website is quiet tedious process. anyways thanks for reading.

    • Thanks for the compliment, seems my hard work is being appreciated. When you cant afford the services of a website builder, you take it upon yourself to build it…lol

  • I love siteground and wordpress – my personal choices as well. They provide such great support, I just love their online chat, any hour of the day. Hope you find the help you need!

    • site ground does have a great customer service and they have been tremendously supportive. i love that they are available any time of the day and when i need them. Thanks for reading.

  • At first I found it very overwhelming to build a website. As I learned what I was doing I started to find it fun. Now I love to help my friends.

  • You are doing great, your blog looks awesome.
    I was struggling too during my first two years of blogging. But i keep on reading online for tutorials and tips.

    • Thanks. I guess i should continue reading online and watching tutorials. I only started blogging four months ago, i am quiet new, hopefully i learn something along the way. Thanks for reading.

  • I hear you building a website can be frustrating . But the amazing thing about blogging is what it teaches us to do! For example it teaches us how to code, edit, design and more x

  • Lol. I understand completely because I also just moved by blog to a self hosted WordPress website, and it was quite a task, because I didn’t hire a professional, I had to do most of the work myself with a little aid from a friend (who knows just as little) but in the end I was glad with the outcome. You’ve done a great job!

  • Whenever you build a website for yourself, it can be so stressful. All you want to do is get your content out there but you want it to be on a pretty design.

  • Building your website can definitely be stressful and a bit daunting, but once you get it just the way you like you’ll feel great about it! Don’t worry you’ll get there, you’ve done a great job!

  • Your blog is looking fabulous! For monetization, sign up to be an Amazon affiliate. You can include links and/or images within your post. Select products that augment your blog post and go along with what you’re writing about. It looks like you are already using Google AdSense, which is a great way to start! 🙂

    • i am looking to join amazon affiliate but starting this baby steps with goggle. anyways thanks for the tips, they are really great. thanks for sharing them with me and reading my post, i appreciate it.

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