The youngest wife name is Alice and she was from the next village. She was married off to Mr. Kunle when she was 11 years by her father who used her bride price to renovate their family house and acquire a land which they use for faming to feed her family. She said

’I am happy my marriage was able to do something for my family and that makes me proud. I just listened to her as she spoke more about herself.

‘I have never being to school as there is none in my village, I don’t even know what I will get from going to school’ she giggled.

‘A girl has to follow traditions as her parents will tell her and be submissive to her husband’

‘See I have two young sons for Mr. Kunle and he bought a new fabric for me each time’ a smile spread across her face.

Alice was a talkative and I was surprised at the vast number of information I knew about herself and every other person when I haven’t even stayed there for a day. I made it a note to trust her as mama had always said ‘loose talkers spill your secret’.

‘Mr. Kunle isn’t that bad, I wonder why you dislike him’. ’

You should be respectful so he wouldn’t hit you’ ‘maybe you could born him a daughter since he doesn’t have any which might make you his favourite’. ..I was just quiet listening.

She kept on talking about herself and all the dos and don’ts to please Mr. Kunle as I dressed up. She made him seem too nice like a god which really surprised me as I didn’t see him that way, it felt like she was been forced to say that to make me feel comfortable.

Which nice man hits a woman when she doesn’t do what he wants? I thought to myself. I cast a look at her face through the mirror as she plays with her braided her fully for the first and realized she was pretty except for a bruise on her right cheek which was discolored ,it looked like those bruises from a punch.

‘Alice what happened to your face’ I asked.

’Oh that? She asked touching her face ‘our husband hit me for refusing to lay with him’ and smiled.

As if it was alright for him to do that. I wasn’t surprised to hear Mr. Kunle hit her for refusing to lay with him.

‘I deserved it as it is a ladies right to lay with her husband no matter what’. She said, standing up and picking up the tray. ‘Hurry and come on outside, I have to show you around’

I wondered how she feels Mr. Kunle is right about everything which made me quiet for a brief second. Fear engulfed me as I knew I will be hit just like Alice if I refuse him and it really saddened me.