I went outside a few minutes after Alice, I realized all eyes were on me from the direction of the crowd sitting under the tree I saw through my door earlier. I didn’t see Mr. Kunle amongst them and I was heavily relieved. I wasn’t ready to see that smile on his face just again. Alice showed me the room of the eldest wife who had five sons for Mr. Kunle .she looked really old and there were scares of old bruises on her face I guess from the beatings of Mr. Kunle when she was a young wife. All her sons look after the cattle ranch for their father in the next town and only visit home during festivals.

She was no longer of interest to Mr. Kunle as Alice said and she looked sad I guess from loneliness. Alice didn’t know her name as she was always called first wife by everybody in the compound in our local dialect and it kind of stuck. Next to her room was that of the second wife. She looked a little bit younger than the first wife I presume the same age as mama. Alice told me she had never had a child for Mr. Kunle and was barren .

she used to be his favorite but no more as he stopped inviting her to his hut after many unsuccessful attempts of pregnancy. Her name was Enam and Alice said she was the black sheep of the wives and nobody pays attention to her. She was always indoors or sometimes seen talking to wooden doll she said was daughter in the compound.

Her room was next to Alice and mine was the last one. Alice showed me a kitchen which she said was mine and explained everybody has their kitchen as everyone cooks and eats alone. I got to know Mr. Kunle chooses who he wants to cook for him a particular night and you have to serve him in his room treating him like a king, How annoying. His room was the big one next to the cattle’s pen.

Behind the compounds was a vast vegetable farming land. Alice said it was for the wives and everyone has her potion just like our farm back home. She showed me a cleared potion which she said was mine .I didn’t know what to do with it and I wished mama was here so we could cultivate yams together. I realized how much I missed her and wondered how she is taking my unexpected marriage.

Alice asked about my family but all I could tell her was about mama and Eli who were the two important people in my life and how much I missed them. I wondered how Eli was doing and I wished all this marriage hasn’t been planned so we enjoy our childhood as friends but it seems its asking for the impossible here in my